Monday, June 25, 2007

Lion 52 Racing outfit.

Hey guys!
I know, I havent been on regular these days and my blog has suffered. My apologies. Some exciting stuff has been happening in my real life that took priority for a little while. I got a new job which is actually pretty awesome. I work as a 2D animator and graphic designer at a London based firm. Its all very exciting, my office is in Covent Garden so its RIGHT in the center of everything. Ive been getting settled so have been using my spare time to finish off my SL projects. One of them was a biker outfit which Im proud to say I have finally finished. Its pretty involved with various prim accessories and I hope fans and customers will enjoy the attention to detail I have put in.
Theres a lot of pictures in this post, bare with me.

All the accessories come ready to wear for most average male avatars. But are flexible enough to resize. The helmet comes with a hair and non-hair option. I should be getting it out hopefully sometime this evening. The outfit comes with - The Jacket and prim collar, the leather pants, the elbow and knee pads, the gloves and its prim padding, the boots and the belt. And dont worry girls, I havent forgotten about the female alternative. :P

Peace out pretty kitties.