Monday, May 09, 2011

Donny Sketch Party 6!

Hey guys!

I hope you guys love GearShift as much as she does!


Im making this!

Peace out cool cats!


Tuesday, May 03, 2011

It just wont die a death!

Hey gang!

I know its been a while. It has been exactly a year, to the day since I last posted here. Some sort of record, at least for me. And again, I return to designing things for SL.

Its odd coming back now. All of the designers I knew and grew within SL are now gone. Its sad in a way. I was speaking with Zabitan about it. Zabitan was really encouraging towards me starting this whole clothing design thing. He mentioned that we are just in different times in our lives. Its true, I used to have a lot more free time. Things change, commitments take over. Commitments with partners, work - you can move on.

Thinking about it, it would be so easy to just give it all up and walk away. But I definately still have a passion for it. I definately enjoy the freedom of creativity I have with it. My designs are my own, I create what and when I want and Im only limited by my imagination. Its a far cry from my fulltime job as a designer. I have boundries I have to stick in when working with other peoples brands - and Im not always given the freedom that I would like. Not to say I dont like it...I love my job, its just different.

I think as a seasoned SL designer you can feel like you have reached the limit of what you can create and achieve. Some of my friends have achieved so much in SL, making some serious moolah. I think its possible for you to just exhaust all of your ideas for where you can take things. Things can get stale and you can lose that drive and passion for your brand to succeed. When your starting out as a designer, everything is new and fresh. And you have enthusiastic ideas on how you can develop and change things in SL. (Your going to CHANGE the world!) When your at the top, you almost have to create new avenues to push yourself.

With GearShift, I have poured so much time and effort into it to just leave it there and let it die a death. I still believe in my ideas and feel Im far from achieving all I can here. I do still love it, which is why Im here.

So anyway, on to some of the new stuff Ive made. There are a few new offerings made available at the block. Ive completely remade my jeans template which Im quite proud of. Ive introduced them to my store as 'Rogues'. I also have a new shirt inspired by my new friend Rico.

Im also currently taking part of the great event Culture Shock. I have three exclusive items there. Including a brand new leather jacket. Leather jackets are definately back in!

For now, thats your lot. I'll be back to molest your eyes with my urban offerings soon.

Peace out cool cats!