Friday, December 22, 2006

Expanding GearShift.

Hey guys!
I think its time I put GearShift out there and began expanding on my stores. I think Im doing quite well and am really proud of the progress Ive made in my time here on SL. I still remember my humble beginnings of peddling shirts for free at 'The Block' all those months ago. Zab, Keishii, DT, Noam and Posy were all really supportive and gave me a lot of great advice starting out. I believe that my small success in part is due to their guidance and their willingness to give someone new a chance.

Right now Im hoping to expand my brand. Im looking to find more stores where I could have GearShift. I was hoping that maybe you guys could maybe offer suggestions on places you think would be a good fit for my store. I really dont know alot of the best places and feel a lil embarrassed that I havent explored enough in SL. ^^;

Or even if you know good spaces for land. A mainstore has been on my mind for the longest time. I think it would be great to have a space I can call my own. I think now that Im doing well enough to support something like this its something I should follow up. XD I really have NO experience in land what-so-ever and this would be completely new to me. Im sure I'll have to be sat down and have the whole thing explained with diagrams and pie-charts.

If you guys have any advice or suggestions, please follow up with comment. And remember! - A Kitty is for life, not just for Christmas.

Peace out pretty kitties!

Thursday, December 21, 2006

Cast in amber

One of my favourite bands have a limited release of their live album available. I rushed to get it when I heard about it as it comes with a sampler from their latest studio album...which I have been dying to hear for YEARS. The band is 'My Vitriol' and they hail from my home city of London. I remember seeing them on 'top of the pops' in 2001 and instantly fell in love with Som Wardners sexy good looks. I was really bummed I didn't get to see them live last month but look forward to them touring again soon and getting another glimpse at this super sexy band.

Som Wardner = the hawtness!

I just love their style. They are a really good looking band, seriously - and really technically gifted considering they are still quite young. I love their layered guitar licks, the melodies, the hard riffs. Could I be any more of a fanboy?

Photos of 'My Vitriol' at KoKo last month.

Ive been pimping them out to as many people that will listen to me. They actually have a selection of tracks that can be streamed online FOR FREE! You can catch them here where you can browse through the tracks from their 3 albums. Some of my favourite tracks are - Always your way, Deadlines, Grounded and Moodswings.

Thats it for now pretty kitties.

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Audible malfunction!

Ive been feeling a little under the weather for the last couple of days. A cold isn't new to me, and I guess its expected at this time of year. But today I woke up and my throat felt itchy and irritable. When I tried to speak a squeaky collection of syllables struggled to push first thoughts were - 'FUCK!' I have been looking forward to going Karaoke next week...but it looks now with my voice out of action I wont get to. *cries* Im hoping for a speedy recovery...lets cross our fingers.

I told Rudra about me losing my voice and she replied with something funny.
Rudra Dal: That's like...awful! It's like Superman losing his powers!

*laugh* awwwww!

Damn it, wont people STOP feeding me Krytonite in liquid form? HONESTLY!

Ive managed to get out some new shoes which you can grab at my store at the block. I have yet to move the new footwear to my other stores, but I'll get round to it. I'm in serious need to update my 'Unlimited' store. Ive really got to make that a priority. The shoes however have been doing fairly well...Id like to get out MORE versions but I think its time I move onto releasing my new shirts and other wearable apparel.

Its my birthday coming up and Arbers got me the greatest gift ever! I really wanted to get a 'Nintendo Wii' but with it being like gold dust over here the idea of me getting my paws on a Wii remote seemed very unlikely. But Arbers went and made me one for my life in SL. Its really awesomely textured and built with alot of attention to detail. Arbers and I are both very big Nintendo fans, and we cry on each others shoulders about not having the console - But now, this cushions the blow. We were playing with it while I set it up at my house, I made attachable versions of the remotes and the console can actually give them out. We took things a little further after some crazed fanspeak about what else we could do for it, and after reaching the limit with the small scripts I had available I took it to my friend Tylor who has experience working with SL streaming movies. We want the console itself to play streamed videos of gameplay or trailers/commercials available from a drop down menu. As well as some other nifty things using the controller, animations and sound effects. - Watch this space. XD

Well, Im gonna go get some rest and recover as best I can.

Until next time pretty kitties!


Friday, December 15, 2006

OMG Shoes!

Ahoy hoy gang! So... yes, I have been a lil out of it for quite a few days. Catching glimpses of Don out and about have been few and far between. No I havent joined a Korean biker gang, thinking about it Im wondering why I havent. Wait, maybe the not being Korean and not owning a bike has something to do with it...just maybe. - And no I havent gotten my dirty lil paws on a Nintendo Wii...God how I wish that were the case T^T. *laugh*

Ive actually been hard at work finishing my new running shoe and sitting and being tortured by it at the same time. I have finished my new shirt templates but have yet to truly finish new designs with them... I dont think my small kitty brain can quite handle too many things going on at the same time. For a while there during my social absence I was starting to feel really guilty about not releasing new items... but I think AFTER I put out these new shoes, all will be forgiven. :D

These shoes have seriously been a pain making AND texturing.Getting prims to do what I want has been a point of pure frustration at times during this project. Im still fairly new to building...and its scary when I come to a problem and I dont automatically know the right way to solve it, so horrible amounts of time are endured going through trial and error. Thats why I tend to stick to photoshop which I have years of experience in...its comfortable and I know where I am with it. Saying that however, finishing a project like this is alot more rewarding...through all the moaning, lapses of anger and at times even the feeling of defeat - when you do reach that other end there is this real sense of accomplishment, especially when its something your new with. And you think : "Holy shit! Did I make that?"

Texturing these shoes has also been a long process. When I originally textured these shoes they actually looked quite different. It had a material texture, but one I think you usually associate with those converse sneakers. When I finished the build, looking at it and realising I had to texture all 40+ prims I just sat there and went 'blegh!'(Yes, its a designer term) I really wasnt sure what I wanted to do. Arbers luckily was there to save me (thanks sis!) and put me right on track, she said that it would probably be nicer if I had a suede texture over them. I followed her advice and am much happier for it, they started to really resemble the kind of pumas I had in mind. True to form, I scratched and stained all my textures and branded them in my own 'GearShift' style.

It wasnt until I actually had to APPLY them that problems were starting to arise. Last night SL really had me smacking my head against the monitor. My girlfriend can testify to my crazed mental state last night...Im actually still twitching. My textures kept jumping randomly when I put them on...they would suddenly twist 90 degrees out of my control. And when you have many individual prims like I have, especially the small ones in my sole - it can REALLY REALLY become a tiresome chore fixing them all.

I still have a few things I need to texture on them, the bottom of the sole and I might re-texture a bit in some areas, nothing major though. I think it might be cool to have lil flexi laces swaying from either side. I think I might add that as something extra...we'll see. Oh and dont worry girls, I havent forgotten about you. I WILL have female versions of these. Now I know how the texturing of this build works with this first version... I can size up ones for your lil footsies and pump out a few in cute girly colour combos.

I still actually have to name these shoes... I havent actively thought about what that could be yet. But Im sure it will eventually hit me. Ive been toying in my mind about price... I have been thinking about selling these for 300L, do you guys think that might be too much? I could go for the usual 250L but... I think my shoes are a lil more detailed - Im really thinking about how much time Ive been spending on these. I dont think people would mind so much about paying for quality...lemme know what you guys think in a comment. :D

Okay pretty kitties, I'll leave you with that for now!


Thursday, December 07, 2006

Hes marinating in his own ragu!

Hey guys, I come baring craziness in digitized form. Always willing to entertain... so swallow it lovingly my dear readers. :D

For the gamers in us all.

For everyone else, Joy to the world...the bitch is dead. ROFLMAO!

Seriously, if you dont watch Robot Chicken, whats wrong with you?

So onto some issues that have been on my mind. Some of you may know that I DJ every week. Ive been DJing regularly for months now and it has been something I have enjoyed. It started out as a joke because someone said I had a nice voice, Ive always wanted to try being a radio DJ... I like to think I can be witty and charismatic when I want to be. You know, when Im not suffering from Tom-Foollery-itus or being just plain stupid. What better place to realise a fantasy then SL? And praise jebuz that the fantasises Im living out arnt leather-clad or chained... I know there are many SL-ites out there just living the dream. *laugh*

I love the buzz I get from crowds, its nice to know people are digging your music and its great to find a common ground with people from playing a certain track. 'Hey, I remember that.' 'Thats a great show, I remember hearing that theme.' Im very social, I like getting out there and chatting to people, DJing has been a nice outlett for that. I dont think Ive ever actually DJed for the money, the tips can be nice but having a store has always made me comfortable money even more so. I can see why everyone and their uncle is a DJ on SL, its an easy buck if your good at it.

For a lil while now Ive been thinking seriously about quitting it. I hate sometimes when DJing can get in the middle of me creating something. There have been times when Ive made a concious decision not to make something when it gets to close to a DJ set, just because I dont like stopping when Im in a groove. Yesterday I completely forgot about my set, its been the first time Ive done that since starting. Ive always tried to be prompt and professional about it, Ive always left my shit at the door as I know people dont want to hear me whine and moan about real life. My attitude to the whole thing has been if Im going to do it, Im going to do it right. I have always been VERY loyal to the Heavenly Rose, they gave me my first set and well...Ive been there ever since.

The fun factor however I feel is being drained out of it slowly, and its seeming more like a job now. Its sort of becoming stressful and I think that has alot to do with Catrina who manages the DJs at the club. I dont think our personalities mix, try as I might...I just dont think we can be friends. Catrina and I have a lil history, way back when I started and I met her and her alt. So whenever Im doing something that includes her, thats always playing in the back of my mind. An issue occured a couple of weeks ago, I suddenly had to leave to go deal with a family crisis. It was something serious, I let her know this and she just treated me with this condescending attitude, I could just taste the venom. I know that it was very short notice, but FUCK does my loyalty and professionalism to the club not allow any leeway? That REALLY upset me, I guess its been festering since then and its seeping out now because I know she has ANOTHER problem with me.

I cant be AS serious about DJing as her, I dont need to DJ for the money and I DONT need to DJ to feel important. So I think its time I just left... JellyBean told me something a while ago that makes sense in this situation. 'If its not fun, run!'
Im sure I could get hooked up at SPE or another place if I REALLY felt the need to DJ. Theres always the Block Parties. XD We'll see how it goes, but for now... DJ Donovan is signing off.

Wow, that was a big rant! *laugh* Arnt you glad I made you watch the funny videos first?

Well, I really have been busy creating things and one of my MAIN obsessions right now is my new running shoe. Ive been promising them for a while now and I have finally started building them. They are still a work in progress, and I guess the wood texture leaves alot to be desired. But the shape is something Im quite happy with, I really didnt want something clunky...and well, I feel it looks like a shoe. XD I hope this lil snippet of info gets you a lil moist and excited for its release. *laugh*

Ooooh, Ive also been working on my new shirt template which is almost complete, be sure to expect another huge GearShift item dump soon. :D *watches the forums*

Well, until next time pretty kitties!


Saturday, December 02, 2006

BL0K-Unit Ninjas and shirt tactics.

Some of you might of seen me skulking in the shadows recently. Ive been scaling the buildings at The Block and running through the BladeRunner-esque Devils Moon, as my new alternate persona. I and a few other Block regulars formed the BL0K-Unit Ninjas and enjoyed a night of crawling over japanese rooftops, asian kung-fu speak and of course posing for pictures.

Maybe we'll be joined by other Block regulars. I sooooo want to initiate MISSION: Gor sim infiltration. With ninja deployment from our BLOK ship. *makes note, talk to Nanao about possible ships!*

Aside from the fun ninja adventures Ive been really happy that sales have been enjoying success. People seem to be taking notice, its such a strange sensation as I used to really struggle with sales before. Now things are more comfortable, Im glad people are enjoying my stuff.
Today however, I woke up and was staring at some of my shirts. Im really not feeling some of the older designs. I think my outlook on design has changed, Posy explained that we evolve as designers. Its true, that template Ive been using seems outdated when I look at it now. And the designs, well they are some of my early designs and although they still hold an interesting appeal... I want my new shirts to reflect my stance on design now. My hoodies and Jumpers are doing really well, they are fueled with my new design outlook. - Now thats not to say I hate my older designs, and it dosent mean Im going to stop selling them. I think what I will do however is place them under a season one banner and begin inflating my store inventory with my new evolved outlook. *nods*

I have a few interesting things in the pipelines. A V-neck sweater/collared shirt combo. Some pinstriped trousers and Ive been wanting to make some fitted pumas for what seems an age. And I think Im well over-due for some new jeans!
I have some unreleased inventory I still have to get out. Anthony from RHCP styled knitted gloves, new grinder cuffs and a guyver inspired hoodie called 'Bioboost'.

Oh, if you guys havent heard already. The third OFFICIAL Block party is taking place tomorrow, from 2 - 5 SL time. Be sure to come down an grab some of those Block limited items and chill with us all. I'll be there spinning the tracks at the first DJ set, so come down and say hi. :)

Well, until next time pretty kitties!