Monday, April 30, 2007

Polo flavour.

Im a little annoyed this afternoon as my web server seems to have gone down and I cant get a hold of the admins. Gahh! I can see the avalanche of screaming people wondering why their website went down. 0_o; Well, at least this time I can actually use the server going down as a legitimate excuse. Rather then using techno-babble to cover my lazy ass for having not done/finished things. - So if your reading through this blog and are wondering why images are missing. Well, now you know why. ^^;

Anyway, so I havent gotten out my guy releases. Im sorry, I was hoping to get things out before the weekend. But I didnt finish some polos that I had ideas for... But having got the chance to play with them this weekend Im hoping to get them out sometime today. They are comic inspired, cuz well if you didnt already know I am just a huge geek. Yup, thats how I roll yo! Venom and Punisher love for the masses!

I think the Venom top is one of my favourites. The logo wraps right around, just like it does on his suit. XD *squeeee* The polos are gonna come with optional prim ties. Ive finished the build on the ties, just gotta work on the textures for them.

And I STILL have to finish a bunch of stores. I suck so bad, Im definately gonna have to buckle down and finish them. One of the stores Ive been building is going to be themed as a comic book store. :) Its looking pretty snazzy, just gotta finish texturing bits and build my shelves for my clothes etc.

So thats it from me. Im gonna go see if I can get my servers running. *cries*

Peace out pretty kitties!


Thursday, April 26, 2007

Tanks and kicks!

Things are getting a lil hectic reaching this weekend. I have quite a few stores I have to set up. SL wasnt entirely friendly to me last night, I couldnt log into SL at all or the website. It wasnt until about 12pm today when things were able to roll for me again, so thats set me back a little. But Im sure I shall have things sorted for an exciting block weekend.

Im SOOOOO behind on so many things. I have a back log of shit Ive made but havent released. My Ryu hair, my uniforms, more tracksuits and some polos. And my mainstore STILL isnt finished. I'll release the goodies little by little, Im sure once these shopping sims are open I'll have time to work and build on my store again.

I have released some new tank tops for girls just recently. Its one of those things I get nagged a bit about. Are you doing more womens clothing? So I finally got off my lazy arse and put together some tank tops to appease the people. Im actually quite pleased with the template I got through. Im a sucker for detail, so heres hoping you guys enjoy them. Big thanks goes out to the awesome Leila who helped pose for my ads. ^_^

Ive gotten into this habit of just releasing a WHOLE bunch of stuff together at the same time. After chatting with Rosie I realised it might be better for the store if I stretch out my releases. It would keep people checking back at the store, and keep my name in the forums a lil longer. So, with this installment of my releases I got out 5 new tanks and the Relics Casual for girls. ^^; I have been meaning to get them out for a while, the textures have been done for a month or so. Well, better late then never eh?

So having taken care of the girls with that release I have some stuff coming up for the guys. Im getting out these polo and sweater combos, Ive been sitting on them for a little while and am actually pretty excited about them.
Ive been feeling a lot more confident about my designs. I dont think my designs are as cluttered and over-bearing as before. I think Ive always had a nice technical understanding of putting my templates together, but now I feel my designs are a lot more solid. Something that I feel Ive accomplished if anything in my time as a clothing designer here in SL is that my brand is pretty unique. I mean, my designs and the overall flavour of my items are my own. The GearShift identity is completely different from say FORM or Renegade. I think its important for every clothing designer to have their own flavour that sets them apart, the little quirks and character of your brand are all things that can see you have longevity and success...well, thats what I think anyway. *laugh*

The polo and sweater combos come with prim collars. The set can see you wear the sweater with the polo, or they are perfectly able to both stand on their own. I'll be getting them out with some more goodies for guys just before the weekend.
Well, I'll leave you with that kids.

Peace out pretty kitties!


Check bottom for expiry date.

Ive been kind of out of action for a few weeks. More real life work getting the better of me. Im slowly trying to get back into the swing of things, but with my time off Ive felt Ive lost touch with some people. I have no idea when things started to turn sour with friends. Is it the time? The older you get in SL the more jaded you become? I dont know.
I havent been on top of other peoples drama, outside of reading cryptic emo blog entries I havent had the chance to talk and find out things. Just the other day my card was cut. Since I wasnt the only one to get the boot I could only guess it was their solution to a bigger problem... a dramatic answer to a problem? Maybe. I was left with a sour taste in my mouth, on one hand I was worried about what happened with my friend...but I also felt a little betrayed. Was I really that easily disposed of? Knowing all the time we've spent together? Only they know.
But that got me looking at my friends list and I started thinking about who I actually talk to. Its kind of sad, Im supposedly out-going and talkative...yet I could count all the people who will say hello to me on one hand. I felt lonely, Posy told me everyone goes through it in SL.

When did SL become a job? Thats what Ive been thinking about. Even before I disappeared for my break all I tended to do was check how much money I was getting in. Log on to check IMs and make sure I was cashing out. I Really dont want to become that jaded hermit designer who sees SL as just another income point. I do like chatting to people, I like those weird geeky conversations. Like trying to remember the lyrics to old cartoon theme songs. - Like 'The Raccoons' ^_^; Discussing who would be best suited to play Kratos in a possible God of War movie...or if anyone saw the last Gekirangers episode.

People move on, thats the nature of SL. Time does move fast here and that speeds up the process of everything. Relationships, friends and fads. I just hope the next set of close friends I make dont have weird secret issues or have the flair for being a diva. Oh Oh... I also hope they have longer expiry dates.

/end emo-ish rant

Peace out pretty kitties!