Monday, November 10, 2008

Sore Opening.

Hi guys.
So those of you who are apart of the GearShift group would have gotten a landmark to the sim that Ive been nattering on about on this blog for what seems an age now. Its been a personal project and one Ive tried to see through with the same amount of focus I put into my clothing designs. Its taken a long time, but its been something Ive really wanted to do. I think for me I really wanted to open it the right way, I envisioned this big opening and inviting all my friends to come and hang out. New swag, free swag and a special competition.
But, I feel all my planning has been taken away from me. Linden Labs seems to have changed their policies on their open sims, now known as homestead sims. I thinks it ridiculous about the price increase that they are going to be putting in place with them, especially after they are gimping the sims. The sims once their new policies fall into place in the new year will see these sims only hold 20 people. Its outragous, they talk about unexpected load on systems and how the sims were created for low usage - their solution is to raise the price which I think will be for their maintenence but also tear out anything that I would find useful in owning it. Im so frustrated as Ive invested so much time, effort and money in making this project a reality. Now it seems like if I want to carry on with this project I HAVE to purchase a sim. There has been ample talk about these issues and Im sure that my thoughts are mirrored in the blogs and in other written media on the web.

With all the economic turmoil that is gripping not only the american nation, but affecting countries globally you'd think that maybe Linden Labs would maybe find a more subtle way in fucking the arses of its loyal users. All hail the almighty dollar right?

Bitter, me?

Well, I would really love to invite everyone to come and check out the sim. Explore, take pictures, mingle with the other few Gear Shifters that may lurk about. I really wish it was a more cheerful invitation. But I think, why keep it locked away when I will eventually have to move the whole thing.

Class is now open!

Peace out cool cats!


Sunday, November 02, 2008


Hey guys!

So Ive been MIA for a little bit. Ive been settling into quite a few changes, least of all a new job and a new home. They are good changes though and have been keeping me positive. I know, I know - the sim still isnt open. Im a real fuckface. (Makes his fuckface expression for you) But bare with me, I really want to open it right and me not being at the opening seemed...well quite strange. One thing Ive noticed, my store at The Block is starting to look smaller and smaller. Really need to open the sim 0_0. Maybe Im putting to much thought into it?
But again, things have been settling down and its allowed me to get a little creative for GearShift. Ive been really thankful for the support and kind words from those who buy from me. It really lifts my spirits and motivates me to keep pushing out new designs.

Ive put out some freebies for the GearShift group.

Thanks again guys, I really do appreciate all your support.

Love you!