Friday, July 18, 2008

Welcoming new students...

So once upon a time in what seems a million moons ago, I thought it would be fun for my first store to be based on a school. I cleverly (well not really...seeing as its not entirely unique) dubbed this idea the Rival Skoolz project. I bought a small plot of mainland (shudder) and went about building the school. The idea kept snowballing as the concept resonated with others I would tell about it. Soon I had half a sim and a whole idea of how I wanted this RPed fueled monstrosity to work.

Fast forward to today and since then cards have been cut, that sim sold and still no main store. Ive talked about this in prior blog entries, I know its starting to get old now. But truth is, I was really upset that I didnt get to see that project through back then. So Im excited to report that after months of work Im on the final straight before the opening of my first main store EVER! So in fantastic non-windlighted fashion I wanted to post some pictures!

Im hoping to have the opening next weekend. Hopefully by then I'll have a new monster machine to chew up the pixels and spit out beautiful. I have some new clothing Im hoping to present upon opening. Dont worry, Ive heard the cries. There will be new short designs at the opening as well as some other yummy goodness for you to pour on your avatars. I'll be posting another official post about the whole thing soon. Watch this space!

Peace out cool cats!


Saturday, July 12, 2008

Can anyone do anything better than Prince?

Apparently he can.


Peace out cool cats!


Wednesday, July 09, 2008

I <3 Tegaki!

Im really enjoying the Tegaki blog. Its so fun to do quick sketches, Id forgotten. I dont draw nearly as much as I used to. So its fun to take time out and just put some ideas on screen. It feels very much like doing ballpoint doodles, you know the kind you used to do at school. I think I practiced my anatomy and drawing faces more then I did working on math problems.
I was wondering if anyone else has one. Right now I only have 2 friends. And Id love to join with others (who speak english of course) at Tegaki. And if your not at Tegaki I hope I can inspire you to want to take part. You can always check my progress with the small widget I have on the blog to the side. It scrolls through what images Ive finished and have posted.

Ive been really surprised at how quickly Ive been able to throw out these images. Its really satisfying to get down what you think in your head - usually when drawing your trying to achieve that, its rare when you get anywhere close. Well it is for me anyway. This particular image was inspired by the movie The City of Violence . I watched it and was really blown away by its slick visuals and fresh editing style. You could see a lot of western influences in it. Theres a great 'The Warriors' style moment when the protagonists go up against school gangs, each with their own look and flavour. The climax to the film was epic. Waves upon waves of henchmen in a pogoda style building, however unlike Tarantinos 'The Bride'. Its not a gratuitous gore fest with limbs flying, instead the director showed the struggle and painful journey of getting to the point of their revenge. I thought it was cool as fuck and hope you guys get to check it out.

(haha...I just noticed I drew them in ties in my image. Whoops! Ties look cool anyhow.)

Peace out cool cats!


Thursday, July 03, 2008


Hey guys!
Ive been building my ship for the new Plunder sim. Its still under construction, trust me to wait till the last minute. But Im having fun doing it. You can check out its progress and all of the wonderful and unique ships at the plunder dock. Go to the Scout sim! :D

So I was checking out Elecs blog and he made a post about these wonderful Tegaki blogs. I JUST had to get one! They are great, it feels so nice to draw on them. The tools although primitive with a small selection of colours cant get in the way of the ease and just sheer fun of drawing on them. The lines are so crisp and flow really well. I'll be doing more stuff for my Tegaki blog in the future. I just gave it a quick run through before watching a movie. (No Mercy for the Rude.) I should do some movie reviews, Ive watched some just fantastic asian movies recently. Crows Zero, Chocolate, Dororo - to name but a few. But anyway - *laugh* to the point.

Check out my first piece for my GearShift Tegaki blog!
my 1st quick post!

Whats fun, is that I can do quick doodles. Nice for fun practice pieces. I hope I keep it up. This one was inspired by what Im wearing at the minute! <3 Its a lil messy but I like it. :)

Peace out cool cats!