Monday, March 19, 2007


Hey guys!
So its been a lil while since my last post. Ive had a busy couple of weeks. Alot of things happening in the Real World that Ive had to deal with...A death in the family saw me become quite the little hermit. It also saw me become VERY hyper active with my releases. Alot of people didnt know, mostly because I dont like bringing people down like that. And well, its my shit I have to deal with. Theres not really alot anyone else can do about it - so I took on the mentality that just getting on with it would be best. Ive been continuing my creative streak and have finished a few new offerings for you all.

I recently just finished a new full outfit that is currently for sale at my store at the block. Its obvious where my inspiration originates, I always thought the original jumpsuit was just SOOO kickass and sexy! Well, I did my own little variation on the outfit. Mine being a trendier take as it comes in a tracksuit form. A few people who have seen me roaming the streets with it have mistaken it for the bride's outfit in KillBill. GET IT RIGHT PEOPLE, I was looking at the ORIGINAL inspiration of Bruce Lee from Game of Death...NOT KillBill. Mr Tarantino obviously has great taste!

Well, the outfit comes with quite a few extras. Both clean and dirty versions of the tracksuit. (The Dirty version coming complete with HUGE footprint across the chest) The sporty yellow kicks and is topped off with a prim zipped collar. Also in the package for fun, I included two Bruce Lee gestures.

Ive also finished some new Relic Casuals. They come in a few different colours, black, white, red, blue and green. These Relics are much more in tune with Pumas or Adidas trainers with the sporty lines. I still think the casual shoes in SL are still heavily dominated by sneakers. I dont have anything against them of course, but I personally dont wear them very often in my casual attire when Im out and about. I hope these offerings will put a smile on the faces of those people who like wearing fitted Diesel shoes. I know Im probably going to get moaned at for not having girls sizes available yet, but please bare with me. They will be coming.

I recently hung out with Nex, he asked about how things were going with my 'Rival Skoolz' uniforms. Im sure he was convinced I had given up on the project. Which I told him wasnt the case. I HAVE been hard at work on my mainstore which is taking shape and the uniforms are going to be available upon the Grand opening of my store. Ive been enjoying creating things on a short tangent to help increase my stores inventory. The store and the Rival Skoolz project are going to be a main priority across the coming weeks. I know its been a long time coming, but if you know anything about me by should know that I always work VERY hard to produce high quality goods. May take me a lil longer sometimes, but I always try and keep things very professional. That goes for my store and the project too.
Im sorry, no pictures just yet. I know I promised them... But SL sure is being stupid right now. I cant TP anywhere and things rezzing seems to be an impossibility right now. But to those who HAVE seen the build have had alot of nice things to say about it. You know, next to comments on how BIG it is. (Its a School damn it, of course its gonna be big!)

I really want to get out my shoes, but like I said. SL is being just impossible for me right now. But I will try and have them out and available sometime tonight...that is if SL decides to be a little kinder.

Peace out pretty kitties!


Saturday, March 03, 2007


I dont think Ive ever been as productive in SL as I have been lately. Ive been dealing with a few personal things in RL that have got me down. And creating things seems to be the perfect escape for me, the busier I am...the less my mind has to wander.

Recently Ive been on a huge nostalgia trip. Playing old games, listening to old cartoon show themes and my new creation is indeed a nod to an old obsession. Man, in 1992 I was soooo hardcore for StreetFighter 2. I think everyone was... I still enjoy the occassional rumble on it with friends on one of its many incarnations. I bought the whole first series of Udons StreetFighter comics and in my first couple of days I read all 400+ pages. Alvin Lee's artwork is beautiful...not only did it inspire me to listen to a whole load of SF remixes...but it inspired me to make new hair. Noam told me that someone did indeed make a Ryu hairstyle already. But, Im hoping mine is better :P

Theres still a few things I want to perfect on it. Im not really happy about the strap texture... I rushed it just to see how the whole thing would work together. So, I'll definately fix that. Also, I guess I could get out a few different colours and designs. It would be more work for me... but I like to give customers options. ^^;

I dont know how many people would want Ryus hair. But... I think its cool anyway. XD

Ive also started building my mainstore. Wooooooo! Im excited, Ive never actually built anything big so its another first for me. :D Still a bit to go, but Im working hard to make it JUST right. Its a school...Im hoping to maybe allow for possible RP to go on with my Rival Skoolz gear so Im making it pretty detailed. XD I'll post some screenies of it in my next post.

Peace out pretty kitties!