Sunday, January 28, 2007

Donny Sketch Party 3!

Hey guys!

More doodles for your viewing pleasure. This set coming from art I did for Noam's Rezday and Posy's birthday.

The art for this was done for the invitation for Posys SL Party which Im trying to organise with some much needed help. ^^; But I think it came out cute. Posy is easy to draw because shes soooo adorable.

This was a gift I made for Noam on his Rezday. I didnt know he was having a party until I got TPed by Posy. Eeeeep... I quickly had to do something for Noam and decided to draw a strange doodle of Noam looking miffed and beaten up. Since he was wearing Zabs kick ass bruised skin. Its very very sketchy, but I think it has an endearing 'fuck off' quality. :D And Noams having his RL birthday soon so I get to do another picture of Noam. I love drawing Noam XD

And theres another Block party next weekend. Noam did such a fucking cool poster, it rocks so hard that I want to have it on my wall in real life! I have to think about a limited... ^^; Im right in the middle of my Project: Rival Schools thingy. So I might kick out a special Block academy outfit...we'll see. And yea, I still have to talk about it properly in a post. XD I promise its coming soon! WITH PICTURES!

Peace out pretty kitties!


Friday, January 26, 2007

The bane of any digital designer!

Im back, yes Im getting back on my blogging saddle. I was kind of out of it for quite a few days. I think Nex thought I died... No no big brother, the gear name will live on. *laugh* But yea, a few things like that dreaded RL work thing had to be attended to, the watching of dvds and the playing of games. A little mini-break ^^; not that anyone noticed Im sure...well other then Nex. >.> Who thought I had died... Im not dead!!! Ive been kinda continuing my current trend of hermiting in my home... I havent made a visit to the block in a while. And I havent caught up properly with friends. Im sorry...Im not purposely being a prick, Im just hunkering down with some work.

But yes, Im back and am working on a big project. A few other designers are kinda helping out on a few things and have given me their blessing to kick out some awesome. BUT, I'll be sure to talk about it in another more exciting lengthy post. Not that its really a big secret, but more that I dont have the energy to write a big post right this second. I havent really named the project either, but to anyone thats been asking Ive been using 'Project: Rival Schools' temporarily. Its lame and theres already a kickass videogame by capcom that flies that named banner. Big minus 50 points for unoriginality.

What I did want to take time out to talk about was losing your work to a crash/powercut/error/stupidness. Oh my I have nightmares about it and it definately is the BANE of any digital designer. These events dont usually strike often but when they do, they CRUSH your very soul. Your left in a babbling dribbling mess, rocking back and forth in the fetal position. Its not pretty! *nods solemnly*

The only real way we can try and save us from what would become scarred memories is to click save. Alot of you are smirking to yourselves thinking - I save, Im not stupid like Don. Well, I thought I did too. It happened to me a week or so ago when coding a site, my Flash crashed suddenly. I was crying to Noam in IM. >_<; And I thought it happened to me again just a short while ago as I worked on a new template. My computer suddenly decided to crash on my return from my Pepsi Max break. As my computer slowly rebooted I can remember myself sitting there with my heart in my throat wondering if I saved. My hands clasped together and reciting the mantra of "Please God...Please God...Please God!" Thankfully, my work was intact as I loaded my PSD file. But Im still sort of shuddering from the actual thought that I could of lost ANY work. Seriously, save after every major change! Make it a habit, it could save your life... well okay, not your life but maybe a few white hairs at the very least. XD

Peace out pretty kitties!


Monday, January 08, 2007

Donny Sketch Party 2!

Yay, a small edition to my lil sketch party post.

This sketch is of Posy and myself. Its for a special occasion coming up for the both of us. :P I think it turned out really well. It captures a moment and says alot about how I feel. ^^;

This was a birthday present for Arbers. I missed her actual birthday as I hadnt seen her online for a bit. Ive been getting on at different times lately. >_<; But, I wanted to do something special for her so I asked her what kind of sketch she'd want of herself. And she said she wanted a hedgehog costume... so this is what I thought up.

Well, I'll be sure to post some more doodles when I get them done.

Peace out pretty kitties!


Sunday, January 07, 2007

Add a dash of venom.

How many of you are huge comic book geeks? Come on, I want to see those hands. Anyone? Well - okay, how many of you are fans of the Spiderman movies? Ahhhhh there you guys are.

Wel, if you havent been following the news or caught the trailers of Spidey 3 be sure to check them out. But what Im actually excited about is that they are including one of my favourite characters Venom. Im going to refrain from going into geek-speak and explaining all his backstory, but those who dont know of Eddie Brock or Venom and want to...then click here. Thank the interwebz for Wikipedia!

But - I already knew that I hear some of you cry. True, the news of the Spidey villans has been out for months. But its what I stumbled across yesterday after learning there was leaked footage that has me squirming. Its actual footage of Venom from Spiderman 3. Its the big toothy Venom we all love! I found a slowed down gif showing Venom in all his symbiotic glory.

I guess it can be considered a spoiler, which is why I wont post the visual gif on the blog itself. BUT if your interested in seeing it, then click here and indulge yourself in its black venomy goodness.

Well, I just wanted to share that. Yes, Im a geek. ^^;

Until next time true believers!


Saturday, January 06, 2007

Donny sketch party!

Hey guys!
Just wanted to put up a couple of sketches of friends and gifts for others. XD Sorry they arnt really finished or painted. And yea, Im a very messy sketcher. ^^;

Posy bought a big blimp the other day which was very cool. I kept thinking of Luputa and Sky Pirates so thought Id put something together with these inspirations since Rudra did such a lovely drawing of all of us. ^^; I think it turned out really nice, Id love to colour it when I find the time. :D

This one I did as a gift for Noam, I wanted to do lots of nice winter pictures of all my friends. But fuck, Im lazy! I also planned to colour this one too, I think I got Noams face really well in this one.

This was another unfinished picture I did for my friends Char and Heaven. ^^ Its of us all sitting together just chilling and Char seems to have fallen asleep. I think theres a trend starting to show here maybe. Sketchy unfinished doodles. >.>

You've probably seen this one in my profile. ^^; Yea, its a big coloured picture of my head. YAY!

Well, I'll be sure to post some more strange pictures in the future!

Until next time pretty kitties!


Friday, January 05, 2007

Boy has got heart...a hand...a foot...

As of yesterday I have been sucked into another new television show. Posy told me about it ages ago saying that it would be something I would enjoy. But I kept forgetting to get my hands on it. But the day before yesterday when reading through the 'best of 2006' list I kept seeing Dexter pop up in its awards, it peaked my interest. Now, having seen the first 5 episodes of season one... I can safely say that it is definately one of my ALL TIME favourite shows.
Im guessing its heavy dark humour isnt going to be for everyone, and I applaud showtime for producing something outside of the black and white confines of whats morally right and wrong. For those of you seeking something different, I URGE you to see 'Dexter'!

The show is told from the point of view of Dexter. He works for the Miami police department as a blood splatter anayalist. But blood isnt just his job, its his life. Its kept deep within him, his close friends dont know, neither does his sister. The only person to truly know Dexter was his father, who shows up in flashbacks as a symbol of Dexters bloody moral code. Dexter is a serial killer...of serial killers, his father knowing things werent quite right with him decided to steer him onto a more rightous path. I guess he was picking the lesser of two evils teaching him that some people deserve it. Its a twisted kind of logic, but it dosent stop me always rooting for Dex to get his man or woman. I think all of his flaws only make him much more endearing.

Seriously, if you havent seen it yet watch it. Cmon, its a television show where the hero is a serial killer. How awesome is that premise? Pretty damn awesome if you ask me. XD

Untill next time my bloody kitties.


Thursday, January 04, 2007

What does your shirt say again?

Ive had my new Tshirts in SL for a couple of days now, but I thought it would be nice to help commercialise them a tad more with having them on my blog.
I talked about working on a new shirt template a while back, and Ive had it finished for a while. But I only started working on the new designs as 2006 was coming to a close. Im really quite pleased with the actual template for the shirt itself, I think its lined up pretty nicely and the textures help bring a more realistic quality that I think my last template was lacking. My last shirt template was the first thing I ever worked on with regards to SL clothing. And I think after more then 5 months working on clothes in SL Ive gotten better. I think some of the shirts Id designed before were too cluttered in design, Ive mentioned it before and I think I over complicate things sometimes. Ive really tried my best to remedy that with this new series of shirts. Ive had alot of fun making them, working with new ideas and experimenting with colours that were indeed lacking from my previous collection. I think most mens wear comes in muted colours, blacks and greys. Thats fine, I like that too. But I wanted to inject something a little different into my designs, I really hope people will enjoy them. ^^

Going over what I said a little earlier in this post. I really have been designing clothes for a while now. Its kinda scary looking over my time in SL, things have moved so quickly for me - time really does fly. My store is still pretty small, my offerings still buckle under the weight of other established clothiers. But I think my 'gear' differs enough to keep people interested. Ive grown comfortable with my brand and I make enough of a profit to know I have a place in SL fashion...however small that place may be right now. ^^; I remember having a little talk with Arbers at the block a couple of days ago. She mentioned the reason we dont get blogged so much is that people dont understand our style. I think its more a case that us 'dirty revolution clothiers' fit only a small portion of the SL fashion industry. We dont fit everyones tastes, we arnt mainstream. Ive always created things that interest me, that I want to wear or see. I think thats a shared mentality of most of my designer friends - those 'dirty revolutionaries'.
From a purely business standpoint it would make sense to make dresses, to create more formal attire. Id probably make more money... But would I enjoy it? No sir. I'll always create for me, that way when I make those sales its more personal. They are not only buying my hardwork, but also buying into my idea of cool, my sense of style. And I think thats a pretty cool thought! :D At the end of the day, I think you have to do what you enjoy - otherwise whats the point?

So right now, Im trying to get through my little designer notebook of ideas. I have a few things I want to finish. I think some girl tanktops would be nice to get out and would be a nice addition just after getting my new shirts out. I also want to get out some skirts and belts. I think the addition of white versions of my relic classics would also be perfect for some of the lighter shaded designs I have out. Watch this space.

Well, until next time my pretty kitties.


Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Rise from your grave...

Yay for Altered Beast referenced titles!
So, I hope you all had a great New Years and Christmas. Yes, Im back after a lengthy absence from blogging. Ughhh... Im bad I know, Donny needs to be beaten.

So did you all make resolutions you dont intend to keep? Yes? Good good. :D We are off to a good start then.
Did you get all the prezzies you wanted on Christmas?

Christmas is always tainted for me, I guess I cant appreciate it as much as my birthday is the very next day. As a kid theres always two days you look forward to out of the year. Christmas and your birthday... and well, with those days being so close it can get a little anti-climatic. As a kid Id always like to soften the blow by having people enlarge my ego by saying -"Hey, you get double presents!" Well, this is only rarely true. Usually people are just cheap and give you the one. And on that rare occasion I do get two it turns out they are two pairs of socks. AWESOME! ¬_¬
You get used to having everything closed on your actual birthday...having to deal with it so much growing up, but the thing I hate the MOST and really just drives me crazy... are people who write happy birthday in a Christmas card. Are they SOOOO cheap they cant just get a regular birthday card? It further enlarges the fact that your special day is overshadowed by Christmas. - Im not bitter really...really. *twitches*

I want to thank everyone that did show up for my SL party, it was really nice. JB DJed and everyone showed up in costume. Woooo! Actually, that reminds me... if I COULD pick my birthday on ANY day. I would pick Halloween. Seriously, if your born on that day it must be sooooo cool. You get oodles of candy, you get to have crazy decorations up and you can dress up any way you want. AWESOME! I bet though, somewhere in the vastness of the interwebz some poor guy is writing in his blog about how much Halloween birthdays suck. Dude! How emo!!! *laugh*

I did get alot of really nice presents from Posy and friends in 2006. Thanks for making my first birthday and Christmas here in SL so special. Noam made me the most awesome picture! Look how cool I look! XD

New Years was awesome however, I hung with some friends and watched fireworks. MAN, the fireworks in London were so awesome. Im glad they didnt cancel them, there was a lot of horrible weather. Oh and I ate spring rolls... Mmmmm! And slightly drunk Guitar Hero jam sessions FTW!
SL New Years was interesting, there was a really great party at DTs and Vas's place. I could of sworn we went through quite a few different new years. *laugh* Time Zones...YAY!

Wooo! How hawt do Posy and Arbers look? Thats such a great picture! I believe Deeks was nominated party photographer and did a ton of shots. ^^;

Well, I hope you had a great holiday season guys. Heres to 2007!

Until next time pretty kitties.