Wednesday, January 28, 2009

That street fighter feeling.

I have become so obsessed with street fighter lately its ridiculous. Been playing it off and on for over a decade now, but Ive really been sucked into the whole street fighter resurgence with the imminent release of SF4. Have been playing ALOT and I mean ALOT of Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo HD. I am so addicted, it totally brings me back to those days waiting for your turn in the arcade, putting your coin down and calling your go. But now, I can beat people from america and hear them whine about how much of a scrub I am. Its GREAT!
Incidentally, if you get beaten horrible by a scrub, what does that make you? Questions...questions.

If you fancy playing me at street fighter on the 360, why not leave a comment. It could be fun. At the very least you could shout obscenities down the mic and repeatedly call me a scrub. :D

Maybe some SF related goodies could be on the cards....who knows?

Okay peace out cool cats!


Thursday, January 01, 2009

Monkey Magic!

Hey guys.
I hope you have all had a great holiday. For most its now the time where you wish you didnt have those extra mince pies or those couple of shots the night before. That sobering experience where you realize work is just over the horizon. That jolly magical Christmas feeling is all but faded and you now have to remember its 09 and NOT 08. Awesome...
Im acually trying to be positive, alot of good things have happened. With lots to look forward to this year. Im hoping that I can continue to create more for GearShift and continue to challenge myself artistically with my own projects aswell as at work. The work bit though, after some late nights and hearty meals in a warm house just dosent sound too appealing. (rubs belly)
Alot of people dont know this, but Christmas is a little different for me. For everyone else its all festive, you buy gifts, spend time with family and watch awful television. For me, its kind of like my birthday-eve. Yep, Im one of those unlucky December children whose birthday falls right after the birth of Christ. Which can be quite discouraging in the moments you open a card on your birthday... and then realizing that its been written on a cheap christmas card. One you imagine came in a box of 50. Its a tight tight man who cant afford to spend money on a real card. Its almost tacked on.

"Oh its your birthday? Oooooh.... oh....


But anyway, sure there are definate minuses on having a birthday on THAT day. But this year I treated myself. I bought tickets , great tickets actually to see Monkey: Journey to the west. Always been a big fan of the art of Jamie Hewlett since Tank Girl and I love the team up with Damon Albarn for Gorillaz. So when I heard about this show I just HAD to see it. Im usually the type of person who says - "Oh... that would be cool." And not really push to go do it, or see it. Mostly because of the financial situation Im in at the time. But I made it a point. I WANT to do something on my birthday, I want to see something cool. I WANT a present Im going to enjoy...even if it means buying it for myself. (and for my family)

I have to say that Monkey was amazing. It was so vibrant, so beautiful and felt so epic in scale. I was so engrossed during the whole visual feast. Its a fusion of animation, acrobatics, martial arts and music. I hope that the show gets to tour more of the world so that more people can experience it.

As an additional treat, or punishment depending on how you look at amateur singing that is. Of me playing the theme to the old Monkey Magic show.
click for Monkey Magic!

Ive released a few new offerings which you can read about in more detail on theblockbuzz blog. And Im hoping to put out some more things before the week is through. Just a few complications for me to worry about with a sim move. Which sucks, but Im sure will be better for the long run. Keep an eye out for more GearShift goodies!

Peace out cool cats!