Monday, June 30, 2008

I really like texturing.

So Ive been chipping away at this for what seems an age. And one thing that has become clear (well even more so) is that I am obsessive. I really do need to have things just right. Its like a strange sort of designer only OCD. God knows Im not this way with other things - like, I should probably clean up my living room...meh. Or, maybe throw away that milk...hmmm. Regardless of how disgustingly slobbish I can get. When it comes to PSing, things need to have weight, I hate things feeling flat, they just HAVE to be right. I cant explain it, but Ive been known to go back and rework something ten or even twenty times till I feel satisfied.
I was embarrassed the other day, I know its kind of weird to worry about trivial details. I know I would get things done faster. But it just weirds me out looking at builds that are flat and untextured. I bought a toilet the other day and it looked perfectly fine. I know people would see it, understand it and probably not pay any mind to it. Its a prop for a room. But I see that build and I just have to fix it. I was explaining to Vas that doing it helps me sleep better at night. I know I sound crazy, I freak myself out about this too. But I will sit there and texture a toilet just to have shit stains in a toilet bowl looking authentic. Just for my own nutty enjoyment.

Im sure some of you are thinking well, dont you already obsess about stuff like that for clothing? Yea, I do. But when it comes to an actual island its kinda different. With clothes you texture that coat, fix any problems and move on. With an actual place there are endless details. And thats what Ive been preoccupying myself with these last couple of months. The details...details that thankfully help me sleep at night. You know, cuz I get the crazy shakes otherwise.

So here are some details for you to enjoy.

Peeping Toms and women only bathrooms. :D

Yay!! Space Invader soap!

Sleep :D Oh and stickers!

Picture by Leila.

Picture by Damon.

I decided to tackle the Rival Skoolz project once again. Its largely scaled down from my original idea. Mostly because I dont know how to do the things I want to achieve and finding reliable people to help is next to impossible. So Im concentrating on it being an attractive place for people to explore with my mainstore slap in the center.

I'll have more official posts soon and all that jazz. Really, I just wanted to do a post about the toilet. Ahaha! Heres to shit covered bowls everywhere!

Peace out cool cats!


Sunday, June 22, 2008

Strength In Numbers!

I just got The Music's new album today Strength in Numbers. And its fucking amazing! I remember them way back in 2002 and their track 'Take the long road home.' Thought they were awesome but they up and disappeared, but they are back this year with a new album and I am in love!

Yep, I still havent released anything yet. - something special is coming...just a bit more.

Peace out cool cats!


Thursday, June 19, 2008

Dont throw stuff at Josh homme.

I know I havent released anything in a while - or updated my blog. Lets just say there is something very special in the works.

But anyway -

Just wow.

How shit must you feel being torn apart with 50000 other people around you? And I thought being made fun of in front of class was bad.

That kid got owned. I hate people that do stuff and think, hey Im gonna get away with it. Being a dick for the sake of being a dick. Y'know? That kid in my opinion got JUST what he deserved. <3 QOTSA!

Peace out cool cats!