Wednesday, May 30, 2007

New Biker boots!

Just finished some new biker boots. Still unnamed but Im quite happy with them. They are based loosely on 'Kings' boots from Tekken 5. I still have a few more accessories to finish before Im done with my biker outfits. But watch this space. :D

Peace out pretty kitties!


Friday, May 25, 2007

GearShift Academy!

So, I started texturing my main store. Its been well overdue. Its been sitting there half built for months now. Broder and Snippy decided to help so I dragged them along and they fixed unaligned prims and built some new bits. While I textured and pulled things together. Its starting to take shape...Im sooo fucking ready to release my fucking uniforms already. XD

I never forgot about my Rival Skoolz project. It just got put on the back burner for a lil while.

Peace out pretty kitties!


Thursday, May 24, 2007

GearShift Riders!

Hey guys!
Heres a sneak peek at an outfit Im working on. So far Ive finished the leather racing jacket template. Its turned out really well I think. The full outfit will contain ALOT of prim accessories, including boots, elbow and kneepads and helmet. Im considering a Ghost Rider version to continue the comic inspired apparel Ive been releasing. I love Ghost Rider, shame about the movie. >_<;

Its not a strictly guy outfit however. You guys may remember a lil sketch I had in my 'Donny Sketch Party 4!' post. Yep, its an outfit that Im making too, so girls will have a fun variant for themselves to wear. :D

Peace out pretty kitties!


Monday, May 21, 2007

Guitar Zero!

Hey guys!
Was super bored so decided to play some songs and record myself. Just played a couple of songs for fun. So get ready to cringe to my amateur guitar playing, with all its buzzing and lame strum patterns. I included all the takes because its funny when I fuck guys can laugh at my skitzoid cursing!

These are all done on an acoustic guitar with a lame mic. I dont have a professional set up or anything. XD

Always your way This is a song I totally adore. Its by a London band called My Vitriol!

New shoes A lil bit of a new song Ive been learning. Its by Paolo Nutini and its kinda bluesy, if you dig that stuff. And its about shoes! HAWT!

The next lot are takes of me playing Basket Case by Green Day. Im still kinda learning the song. I get so angry when I dont get things right and turn into a skitzoid sailor apparently.
Take 1 : Im so lame!
Take 2 : fucking balls!
Take 3 : Basketfuck

Enjoy the madness!


Donny Sketch Party 5!

The other day I did a sketch while chatting with Saeya. After I finished it I started looking through some of my artwork and noticed I might possibly be obsessed with smoking artistically. *laugh* I fucking hate smoking in real life, its pretty much a habit Im not going to take up. I made a weird little pact with some friends when I was 13, we all promised we would never be like the poser 6th formers in my school and that we would not smoke. 11 years later and Im the only one left in that lil group who kept those principles. I just find it funny that Ive been so attached to it visually, not only in my art but my avatar is now pretty much a heavy chain smoker. I'll post some art from my lil archive, some art is as old as 2002 so expect varying artistic ability.

Okay, Im also obsessed with drawing boys. ^_^;

Well peace out pretty kitties.
Im out for a fag break. :P

Sunday, May 20, 2007

BlockParty 5!

Hey guys!
Wanted to thank everyone for showing up at the party this past Saturday. I had so much fun. As always, it wasnt without its problems in the beginning. I completely spaced on giving Jonny the stream information the night before. So, with some quick thinking and help from Zab we cooked up a little banner which could load the stream OUTSIDE of SL. Jonny did show up later to fix the stream in world so it eventually worked out. In my experience however, The Block parties are never without their teething problems at the beginning but they always manage to finish strong.
This was definately the biggest party I believe we have had for the Block. Just the amount of people in one place was just so exciting. We managed high traffic through out before crashing the sim at 96 nearing the end. Whats a block party without a crash or two?
I think the live music went down well, I'll be sure to play some more songs next time round. And I'll do my best NOT to drop my guitar pick during a song. And... >.> sorry for the mic breathing. *laugh* But apparently some people liked it? 0_o
I was also REALLY excited to have tracks from Elec Tone which went down a treat when I played them for the crowd. All in all it was a great experience and I am so looking forward to the next one. Lets hope it is sooner, rather then later.

Peace out pretty kitties!


Wednesday, May 16, 2007

The adventures of Penis power!

I got the second poster finished yesterday night. You would not believe how hard it is a task to get a hold of some of the designers, even for just a moment. Everyone has either been super busy or stressing with pressures from RL. But thankfully I was able to scrounge up some popular Block regulars for a few minutes.

You'll have probably started noticing the posters throughout The Block. And I have been whoring them like crazy. For those that are willing, I'll be sending out a LM-giver prim with both posters in some group notices this evening. So if you were feeling generous you could maybe put them up at your establishment/home/area of interest.

Last night was actually pretty interesting. Trying to think of something new for a Block party I wanted to book some live musicians for the event. I remember a friend telling me that the owner of a live music venue was a big fan of my store. So I thought it would be interesting to inquire about having a musician play for us. The owner 'Lucius' was very sweet and extremely helpful. He managed to organise a demo with one of their regular performers. Apparently he has quite the following so I was excited to hear what the big hubbub was about. I invited Vas, Devo, DT and Posy and we listened to him play two live songs for us. The performer was EXTREMELY talented and I was excited to have him play this Saturday, he has a great voice and I thought his style of music would of gone down well.

However, the performers ego was HUGE. After TPing him to The Block things just started to break down in conversation. DT was there and like a professional was very delicate and diplomatic with his responces...I was so greatful for that because I was just in shock by the things I was hearing. The performer wanted to strike up a kind of deal with us and The Block, have him wear our clothing exclusively so he could promote us. Though he didnt spit it out properly, he basically wanted us to PAY him so he could wear our clothes. You have got to laugh at that sort of mentality folks...thats one of the funniest things Ive had proposed to me in SL. Heres me thinking I was doing pretty well as a business in SL. I didnt realise what I needed to improve sales was have a bedroom singer wear my shit.
After talking with Zab about it later that evening he told me to nix him. The Block has a pretty chilled vibe, so for someone to climb on mic and potentially bombard the audience with ramblings about HOW GOOD he is between songs...well, that probably wouldnt go down too well. So although I wanted to introduce something NEW to the block party...The Block itself needs to be the priority.

I dont quite think he realises how big hes fucked up. The Block Parties have always been pretty popular and this opportunity could of been very good for him...not only in what I was paying him, but his tips for that day and the potential notoriety he could of achieved from playing The Block . Oh well, I'll see what I can do about bringing something fresh this weekend. If anything, at least you guys are safe from having to hear someone tell you that they are sorry they have to leave...but someones screaming for some hot loving. *shudder* Cheese like that is stab worthy. God bless you Mr. Egotistical Performer!

Peace out pretty kitties!


Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Block Party 5 is coming!

So the Block party is happening this weekend. For those that were disappointed that things didnt go down LAST weekend. Well, just be cool. Its getting sorted for this Saturday and its going to ROCK so hard. So rejoice block kids, its happening.

Ive been putting together some posters for the event. Following on from Noams great movie themed poster from a previous party. Can you guess which movie this poster is inspired by?

Im trying to get some of the other designers to make a secondary poster with the colours inverted. Then I'll put the images of them on shirts and tank tops which you can get at the party ABSOLUTELY free! Coupled with the great limiteds that will be available people are sure to come away with some top quality fashion booty!

Im not 100% on the time of the party, which is why its not on this version of the poster. But I imagine it will start at 12PM SLT... or there abouts. As usual I'll be spinning the tracks so be sure to come down and chill with the rest of us.

Just be cool.


Saturday, May 05, 2007

Get your fresh issues at GearShift!

Been a lil hectic this past week. Ive had to actually buckle down and finish three new stores. I used to love getting a new place when I first started out as a designer, but now setting up new stores is probably one of my LEAST favourite things about the designer experience. Dont get me wrong, I understand its importance and will put some effort into my store set ups. But, I do sometimes leave it till that last minute.

There are two sims opening to the public this weekend, Downtown and the NEW Block. Im actually kinda psyched about my stores there. I put a little more thought into their conception than usual. They are both themed as comic book stores which I thought was amusing. Im probably a lil more partial to my Block store as I built it from the ground up. Though, they are both at such nice locations its hard not to love them equally. Definately fun for the whole family!

This comic rack was built by the awesome Posy, a testament to how much she rocks!

Ahhhh...refreshing! Im now Geared up for the rest of the day! GearShift cola, now with extra GEEK!

Both sims will be celebrating with a party I believe. Im still a little cloudy about the time of the Block party opening, but rest assured I'll be there kicking it with the mad tunes. The Downtown sim will be rawking out with their party starting from 12 SLT. I'll be grabbing the mic at around 4SLT so be sure to come down and support the sims. Good times!

Peace out pretty kitties!

"Whooooooooo... PARTY!"


Friday, May 04, 2007

Geared Up!

Did you ever hear the one about the 3 people at the bus stop?

Peace out pretty kitties.


Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Donny Sketch Party 4!

Hey gang!
Its that time again. :D

Awww, Yay! She loves me. :D

Painting I did of my granny. Ive done a few paintings and doodles of her during my life. This one I did when she died in Ferbuary. Love you gran.

This one was a group pic with Artemis. Shes so very talented. I had fun, it was done sometime last year. Artemis said the guy I drew was a jerk. OMG, he is isnt he? I want some candy too. But Id share with everyone... I WOULD! >.>

Peace out pretty kitties!