Saturday, March 03, 2007


I dont think Ive ever been as productive in SL as I have been lately. Ive been dealing with a few personal things in RL that have got me down. And creating things seems to be the perfect escape for me, the busier I am...the less my mind has to wander.

Recently Ive been on a huge nostalgia trip. Playing old games, listening to old cartoon show themes and my new creation is indeed a nod to an old obsession. Man, in 1992 I was soooo hardcore for StreetFighter 2. I think everyone was... I still enjoy the occassional rumble on it with friends on one of its many incarnations. I bought the whole first series of Udons StreetFighter comics and in my first couple of days I read all 400+ pages. Alvin Lee's artwork is beautiful...not only did it inspire me to listen to a whole load of SF remixes...but it inspired me to make new hair. Noam told me that someone did indeed make a Ryu hairstyle already. But, Im hoping mine is better :P

Theres still a few things I want to perfect on it. Im not really happy about the strap texture... I rushed it just to see how the whole thing would work together. So, I'll definately fix that. Also, I guess I could get out a few different colours and designs. It would be more work for me... but I like to give customers options. ^^;

I dont know how many people would want Ryus hair. But... I think its cool anyway. XD

Ive also started building my mainstore. Wooooooo! Im excited, Ive never actually built anything big so its another first for me. :D Still a bit to go, but Im working hard to make it JUST right. Its a school...Im hoping to maybe allow for possible RP to go on with my Rival Skoolz gear so Im making it pretty detailed. XD I'll post some screenies of it in my next post.

Peace out pretty kitties!



Nex Brannan said...

I want pictures!

Viti Lamatia said...

Awsomeness! Just bought 'em and love it :D

Just need that headband . . . rock!

Posy said...