Monday, April 30, 2007

Polo flavour.

Im a little annoyed this afternoon as my web server seems to have gone down and I cant get a hold of the admins. Gahh! I can see the avalanche of screaming people wondering why their website went down. 0_o; Well, at least this time I can actually use the server going down as a legitimate excuse. Rather then using techno-babble to cover my lazy ass for having not done/finished things. - So if your reading through this blog and are wondering why images are missing. Well, now you know why. ^^;

Anyway, so I havent gotten out my guy releases. Im sorry, I was hoping to get things out before the weekend. But I didnt finish some polos that I had ideas for... But having got the chance to play with them this weekend Im hoping to get them out sometime today. They are comic inspired, cuz well if you didnt already know I am just a huge geek. Yup, thats how I roll yo! Venom and Punisher love for the masses!

I think the Venom top is one of my favourites. The logo wraps right around, just like it does on his suit. XD *squeeee* The polos are gonna come with optional prim ties. Ive finished the build on the ties, just gotta work on the textures for them.

And I STILL have to finish a bunch of stores. I suck so bad, Im definately gonna have to buckle down and finish them. One of the stores Ive been building is going to be themed as a comic book store. :) Its looking pretty snazzy, just gotta finish texturing bits and build my shelves for my clothes etc.

So thats it from me. Im gonna go see if I can get my servers running. *cries*

Peace out pretty kitties!


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