Sunday, May 18, 2008

Gears in motion.

Ive been meaning to blog here for a while...Ive been so busy lately.

So Ive comfortably settled back into SL and Ive consistently been releasing new clothing. It feels good to be enjoying SL again and Im in love with designing for my store. Im all inspired and motivated to create new clothing and I feel that after coming back from my break Im reaching another level of quality. The new sculptie prims are allowing me to create more realistic clothing, it brings that new dimension and its exciting to be working with something new.
A good friend of mine Snips has been putting me through my paces when it comes to sculpts. Coming back into SL I knew that I wanted to improve. Seeing the influx of new designers really made it apparent that I had to change with SL to stay competitive. Snips was great about listening to my ideas and telling me what was possible and what was too outlandish. I didnt really know what was all possible with sculpts until working with Snips. We've made a great team so far and Ive really pushed myself with my textures to fit the flow of the sculpts. Communication has been the key, I have always drawn out my designs for Snips to make my ideas clear. I thought Id share some of those sketches for people to see. :D

So, in other news. The show that Im apart of got put back. But it should be going down soon, its for Hommes magazine. Im happy I was able to get all 8 outfits for them together and am excited to see how the event goes down.

Ive also been trying to help promote the Block. Ive been not only pro active about my store and its releases Ive also wanted to help give The Block that push, its been nice to be around my friends and feel inspired and invigorated by working with them. You can catch the Block blog here! Im excited about seeing the new stuff all the Blockers will be getting out!

Im currently working on some more clothing. A completely new jacket that I think people will enjoy as well as some suits and blazers. Im also hoping to purchase land for myself...think its over due for me to have my own mainstore. Watch this space.

Peace out cool cats!


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