Sunday, November 02, 2008


Hey guys!

So Ive been MIA for a little bit. Ive been settling into quite a few changes, least of all a new job and a new home. They are good changes though and have been keeping me positive. I know, I know - the sim still isnt open. Im a real fuckface. (Makes his fuckface expression for you) But bare with me, I really want to open it right and me not being at the opening seemed...well quite strange. One thing Ive noticed, my store at The Block is starting to look smaller and smaller. Really need to open the sim 0_0. Maybe Im putting to much thought into it?
But again, things have been settling down and its allowed me to get a little creative for GearShift. Ive been really thankful for the support and kind words from those who buy from me. It really lifts my spirits and motivates me to keep pushing out new designs.

Ive put out some freebies for the GearShift group.

Thanks again guys, I really do appreciate all your support.

Love you!