Friday, July 18, 2008

Welcoming new students...

So once upon a time in what seems a million moons ago, I thought it would be fun for my first store to be based on a school. I cleverly (well not really...seeing as its not entirely unique) dubbed this idea the Rival Skoolz project. I bought a small plot of mainland (shudder) and went about building the school. The idea kept snowballing as the concept resonated with others I would tell about it. Soon I had half a sim and a whole idea of how I wanted this RPed fueled monstrosity to work.

Fast forward to today and since then cards have been cut, that sim sold and still no main store. Ive talked about this in prior blog entries, I know its starting to get old now. But truth is, I was really upset that I didnt get to see that project through back then. So Im excited to report that after months of work Im on the final straight before the opening of my first main store EVER! So in fantastic non-windlighted fashion I wanted to post some pictures!

Im hoping to have the opening next weekend. Hopefully by then I'll have a new monster machine to chew up the pixels and spit out beautiful. I have some new clothing Im hoping to present upon opening. Dont worry, Ive heard the cries. There will be new short designs at the opening as well as some other yummy goodness for you to pour on your avatars. I'll be posting another official post about the whole thing soon. Watch this space!

Peace out cool cats!