Sunday, September 14, 2008

Running track.

Hey guys,
yea... Ive been kind of M.I.A as of late. So what have I been up to? Well, I got over being sick a little while back. Ive kept myself motivated trying my best to push myself with alot of new stuff for my sim openning. Ive been working on a new tracksuit template which Im actually quite proud of. I think there are a few track jackets out in SL already, but I hope the little details Ive added to the whole outfit help mine stand out a little from the crowd.
To celebrate the HBox fashion faire, Ive released a few tracksuit designs including a limited edition design that will be available ONLY during the faire. After which it will not be sold again.

I have 5 brand spanking new items available at the faire. For now, they are only available at HBox. So be sure to run down and grab some, theres a ton of really awesome limited products available from other designers too. Go on and treat yourself :D

Peace out cool cats!