Saturday, December 02, 2006

BL0K-Unit Ninjas and shirt tactics.

Some of you might of seen me skulking in the shadows recently. Ive been scaling the buildings at The Block and running through the BladeRunner-esque Devils Moon, as my new alternate persona. I and a few other Block regulars formed the BL0K-Unit Ninjas and enjoyed a night of crawling over japanese rooftops, asian kung-fu speak and of course posing for pictures.

Maybe we'll be joined by other Block regulars. I sooooo want to initiate MISSION: Gor sim infiltration. With ninja deployment from our BLOK ship. *makes note, talk to Nanao about possible ships!*

Aside from the fun ninja adventures Ive been really happy that sales have been enjoying success. People seem to be taking notice, its such a strange sensation as I used to really struggle with sales before. Now things are more comfortable, Im glad people are enjoying my stuff.
Today however, I woke up and was staring at some of my shirts. Im really not feeling some of the older designs. I think my outlook on design has changed, Posy explained that we evolve as designers. Its true, that template Ive been using seems outdated when I look at it now. And the designs, well they are some of my early designs and although they still hold an interesting appeal... I want my new shirts to reflect my stance on design now. My hoodies and Jumpers are doing really well, they are fueled with my new design outlook. - Now thats not to say I hate my older designs, and it dosent mean Im going to stop selling them. I think what I will do however is place them under a season one banner and begin inflating my store inventory with my new evolved outlook. *nods*

I have a few interesting things in the pipelines. A V-neck sweater/collared shirt combo. Some pinstriped trousers and Ive been wanting to make some fitted pumas for what seems an age. And I think Im well over-due for some new jeans!
I have some unreleased inventory I still have to get out. Anthony from RHCP styled knitted gloves, new grinder cuffs and a guyver inspired hoodie called 'Bioboost'.

Oh, if you guys havent heard already. The third OFFICIAL Block party is taking place tomorrow, from 2 - 5 SL time. Be sure to come down an grab some of those Block limited items and chill with us all. I'll be there spinning the tracks at the first DJ set, so come down and say hi. :)

Well, until next time pretty kitties!


Verbal Spewer said...

Yay! I'm a BL0K-Unit Ninja and later when I may be replaced in season 4 my fans will cry & I can look back & say "I was the original pink ninja" as a tear rolls down my cheek. XD

Nex Brannan said...

Fuck, I want to be a ninja =(

Maybe I can be a ninja guest star, and show up on occasion.

Hmm, now I need to work on an "Outfit"

Donovan Brennen said...

Hell, we couldnt replace to pink ninja! The fanboys would have a fit. Plus, who else can we throw at people to choke bitches?

Nex, of course you have to be a ninja! It only makes sense, you'd be like the green ranger. The mysterious Ninja that shows up and everyone wants to buy the action figure of!

gear powers unite!

Arbel Vogel said...

Gah sorry I missed out on the ninja fun! I had a good outfit too!

As for the block party, I'll be there at 3:30 ;)

Willow said...

Block party is possibly late for me :( I'm such an UNcool kid >:(

Nex Brannan said...

You need to post more so I'm not bored! Amuse me!