Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Audible malfunction!

Ive been feeling a little under the weather for the last couple of days. A cold isn't new to me, and I guess its expected at this time of year. But today I woke up and my throat felt itchy and irritable. When I tried to speak a squeaky collection of syllables struggled to push first thoughts were - 'FUCK!' I have been looking forward to going Karaoke next week...but it looks now with my voice out of action I wont get to. *cries* Im hoping for a speedy recovery...lets cross our fingers.

I told Rudra about me losing my voice and she replied with something funny.
Rudra Dal: That's like...awful! It's like Superman losing his powers!

*laugh* awwwww!

Damn it, wont people STOP feeding me Krytonite in liquid form? HONESTLY!

Ive managed to get out some new shoes which you can grab at my store at the block. I have yet to move the new footwear to my other stores, but I'll get round to it. I'm in serious need to update my 'Unlimited' store. Ive really got to make that a priority. The shoes however have been doing fairly well...Id like to get out MORE versions but I think its time I move onto releasing my new shirts and other wearable apparel.

Its my birthday coming up and Arbers got me the greatest gift ever! I really wanted to get a 'Nintendo Wii' but with it being like gold dust over here the idea of me getting my paws on a Wii remote seemed very unlikely. But Arbers went and made me one for my life in SL. Its really awesomely textured and built with alot of attention to detail. Arbers and I are both very big Nintendo fans, and we cry on each others shoulders about not having the console - But now, this cushions the blow. We were playing with it while I set it up at my house, I made attachable versions of the remotes and the console can actually give them out. We took things a little further after some crazed fanspeak about what else we could do for it, and after reaching the limit with the small scripts I had available I took it to my friend Tylor who has experience working with SL streaming movies. We want the console itself to play streamed videos of gameplay or trailers/commercials available from a drop down menu. As well as some other nifty things using the controller, animations and sound effects. - Watch this space. XD

Well, Im gonna go get some rest and recover as best I can.

Until next time pretty kitties!



Nex Brannan said...

It has miimotes?!?!

Posy said...

Pink Suga! Yum!