Thursday, December 07, 2006

Hes marinating in his own ragu!

Hey guys, I come baring craziness in digitized form. Always willing to entertain... so swallow it lovingly my dear readers. :D

For the gamers in us all.

For everyone else, Joy to the world...the bitch is dead. ROFLMAO!

Seriously, if you dont watch Robot Chicken, whats wrong with you?

So onto some issues that have been on my mind. Some of you may know that I DJ every week. Ive been DJing regularly for months now and it has been something I have enjoyed. It started out as a joke because someone said I had a nice voice, Ive always wanted to try being a radio DJ... I like to think I can be witty and charismatic when I want to be. You know, when Im not suffering from Tom-Foollery-itus or being just plain stupid. What better place to realise a fantasy then SL? And praise jebuz that the fantasises Im living out arnt leather-clad or chained... I know there are many SL-ites out there just living the dream. *laugh*

I love the buzz I get from crowds, its nice to know people are digging your music and its great to find a common ground with people from playing a certain track. 'Hey, I remember that.' 'Thats a great show, I remember hearing that theme.' Im very social, I like getting out there and chatting to people, DJing has been a nice outlett for that. I dont think Ive ever actually DJed for the money, the tips can be nice but having a store has always made me comfortable money even more so. I can see why everyone and their uncle is a DJ on SL, its an easy buck if your good at it.

For a lil while now Ive been thinking seriously about quitting it. I hate sometimes when DJing can get in the middle of me creating something. There have been times when Ive made a concious decision not to make something when it gets to close to a DJ set, just because I dont like stopping when Im in a groove. Yesterday I completely forgot about my set, its been the first time Ive done that since starting. Ive always tried to be prompt and professional about it, Ive always left my shit at the door as I know people dont want to hear me whine and moan about real life. My attitude to the whole thing has been if Im going to do it, Im going to do it right. I have always been VERY loyal to the Heavenly Rose, they gave me my first set and well...Ive been there ever since.

The fun factor however I feel is being drained out of it slowly, and its seeming more like a job now. Its sort of becoming stressful and I think that has alot to do with Catrina who manages the DJs at the club. I dont think our personalities mix, try as I might...I just dont think we can be friends. Catrina and I have a lil history, way back when I started and I met her and her alt. So whenever Im doing something that includes her, thats always playing in the back of my mind. An issue occured a couple of weeks ago, I suddenly had to leave to go deal with a family crisis. It was something serious, I let her know this and she just treated me with this condescending attitude, I could just taste the venom. I know that it was very short notice, but FUCK does my loyalty and professionalism to the club not allow any leeway? That REALLY upset me, I guess its been festering since then and its seeping out now because I know she has ANOTHER problem with me.

I cant be AS serious about DJing as her, I dont need to DJ for the money and I DONT need to DJ to feel important. So I think its time I just left... JellyBean told me something a while ago that makes sense in this situation. 'If its not fun, run!'
Im sure I could get hooked up at SPE or another place if I REALLY felt the need to DJ. Theres always the Block Parties. XD We'll see how it goes, but for now... DJ Donovan is signing off.

Wow, that was a big rant! *laugh* Arnt you glad I made you watch the funny videos first?

Well, I really have been busy creating things and one of my MAIN obsessions right now is my new running shoe. Ive been promising them for a while now and I have finally started building them. They are still a work in progress, and I guess the wood texture leaves alot to be desired. But the shape is something Im quite happy with, I really didnt want something clunky...and well, I feel it looks like a shoe. XD I hope this lil snippet of info gets you a lil moist and excited for its release. *laugh*

Ooooh, Ive also been working on my new shirt template which is almost complete, be sure to expect another huge GearShift item dump soon. :D *watches the forums*

Well, until next time pretty kitties!



Ru-る said...

I knew I was avoiding buying some kind of trainer/running shoe for a reason.
I was waiting for the one.

You are going to make these in girlie sizes too, riiiiiight?

Donovan Brennen said...

Of course. I gotta show the girlie love... also, how else can I work on my secret love for the colours pink and black. XD

Arbel Vogel said...

YAY for the shoes and the new shirts! Can't wait to see what you have in store.

As for the DJing thing, Jelly's advice is sooo accurate. And what whats-her-name did or acted when you had an emergency, that was uncalled for. She should totally understand that RL, especially family comes first next to a virtual DJing gig. It's pretty sad when they think it's not case...

I personally love your DJing, but I definately understand why you must not do it as much. Creating is so tedious, especially with prims, and if you stop in the middle of a project, who knows when you'll get your groove for it back.

Ok I blab too much, but you know what I mean! And I LOVE ROBOT CHICKEN!!!! Later bro! ;)

Donovan Brennen said...

I know, it upset me that she was thinking about who else to DJ my slot...rather then being supportive. She acted like I was lying or something, when she should know Im there for when Im scheduled very reliably. AND I told her what happened, which upset me even more because I dont like to give RL information so much...especially family issues! GRRRR!

Anyways, thanks sis. And isnt it weird we posted replies at exactly the same time!

*does the swim dance*

Verbal Spewer said...

OMG! I was quoted! Weeeeeeeeeeeee! S'true though. SL is a game, OMG! I said that! But it is & RL obligations are far more important than our pixelated barbies. OMG! I said that too! *smacks forehead & runs around in circles* Honestly Dono I know what you mean, I too get burnt out on DJ'n often. Take a break & see how it goes. I'd love to hear ya at SPE & DMR is always yours to pick up when you want to groove us. *kisses*

Nex Brannan said...

The mario one made me laugh so hard I hurt my side.

Thanks for entertaining me!

Zanny Babbler said...

You are always welcome at SPE and you know it! Find a host for the earlier time frame (since I can't seem to!) and you can have it permanent if you like. Otherwise, holla and grab the stream when it's free!

And tell that chica to bite you - you have never been undependable. People like that piss me off - RL always should always come first.

I guess our SPE family is lucky in that respect, everyone is really good about covering each other if something occurs!