Thursday, November 30, 2006


Here are some fun videos to cheer up your day!

See, its fun AND educational! Now you know what to do when in the same situation...japanese style. "Spare me my life!" The very words that send villans running in fear!

I want to go to Korea now!

Okay, okay... now for some boring writing and stuff. I released the new jumpers yesterday. I rushed to get them out before the new patch, got the prims about done JUST before seven when SL went down. Didnt get to go back on SL hours later, thanks Lindens :). Well, apparently I had the wrong things in one of my vendors, and one of them wasnt set for sale. OOPS! Quickly amended that and gave the new items to those who bought the wrong items. >_<; Im such a tard! They are now available at my others stores...woooo! Exciting :)

SL is acting all screwy since the patch. Nothing seems to be working properly, cant see my money, cant TP anywhere, cant attach anything, cant see my avatar and a whole host of other loverly things. Lets hope things will get cleaned up.

Anyway, until next time pretty kitties!



Posy said...

Ooo! I luvs your "jumpers"! The textures and colors are so rich and gorgeous! Jumpers? Jumpers! I just feel so British! :P

Arbel Vogel said...

oooooo you made me love korean madness all over again! *watches it a hundred more times*

Vasean said...

SPARE ME MY LIFE !!! *dies laughing again*

Ru-る said...

Everyone should have more Korean Madness in their lives. <3 The Two Woman Show is so great, it made me try to learn Korean for like...20 minutes.

Noam Sprocket said...

I know Korean.

Nae irum ae mwo nya gae nyun.

What's my name, bitch?

Pa goo ri han pan tu lae.
That one is either fuck me, or fuck me on the stairs...

My bestfriend in Highschool was from South Korea.

Donovan Brennen said...

Korean sounds the awesome, I love their language. Its sounds like they are gonna huck a loogy on you sometimes! You know, I watch sooo many Korean movies.
Koreans have soooo cornered the romatic comedy angle and they do it better then the americans!