Friday, January 05, 2007

Boy has got heart...a hand...a foot...

As of yesterday I have been sucked into another new television show. Posy told me about it ages ago saying that it would be something I would enjoy. But I kept forgetting to get my hands on it. But the day before yesterday when reading through the 'best of 2006' list I kept seeing Dexter pop up in its awards, it peaked my interest. Now, having seen the first 5 episodes of season one... I can safely say that it is definately one of my ALL TIME favourite shows.
Im guessing its heavy dark humour isnt going to be for everyone, and I applaud showtime for producing something outside of the black and white confines of whats morally right and wrong. For those of you seeking something different, I URGE you to see 'Dexter'!

The show is told from the point of view of Dexter. He works for the Miami police department as a blood splatter anayalist. But blood isnt just his job, its his life. Its kept deep within him, his close friends dont know, neither does his sister. The only person to truly know Dexter was his father, who shows up in flashbacks as a symbol of Dexters bloody moral code. Dexter is a serial killer...of serial killers, his father knowing things werent quite right with him decided to steer him onto a more rightous path. I guess he was picking the lesser of two evils teaching him that some people deserve it. Its a twisted kind of logic, but it dosent stop me always rooting for Dex to get his man or woman. I think all of his flaws only make him much more endearing.

Seriously, if you havent seen it yet watch it. Cmon, its a television show where the hero is a serial killer. How awesome is that premise? Pretty damn awesome if you ask me. XD

Untill next time my bloody kitties.


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