Thursday, January 04, 2007

What does your shirt say again?

Ive had my new Tshirts in SL for a couple of days now, but I thought it would be nice to help commercialise them a tad more with having them on my blog.
I talked about working on a new shirt template a while back, and Ive had it finished for a while. But I only started working on the new designs as 2006 was coming to a close. Im really quite pleased with the actual template for the shirt itself, I think its lined up pretty nicely and the textures help bring a more realistic quality that I think my last template was lacking. My last shirt template was the first thing I ever worked on with regards to SL clothing. And I think after more then 5 months working on clothes in SL Ive gotten better. I think some of the shirts Id designed before were too cluttered in design, Ive mentioned it before and I think I over complicate things sometimes. Ive really tried my best to remedy that with this new series of shirts. Ive had alot of fun making them, working with new ideas and experimenting with colours that were indeed lacking from my previous collection. I think most mens wear comes in muted colours, blacks and greys. Thats fine, I like that too. But I wanted to inject something a little different into my designs, I really hope people will enjoy them. ^^

Going over what I said a little earlier in this post. I really have been designing clothes for a while now. Its kinda scary looking over my time in SL, things have moved so quickly for me - time really does fly. My store is still pretty small, my offerings still buckle under the weight of other established clothiers. But I think my 'gear' differs enough to keep people interested. Ive grown comfortable with my brand and I make enough of a profit to know I have a place in SL fashion...however small that place may be right now. ^^; I remember having a little talk with Arbers at the block a couple of days ago. She mentioned the reason we dont get blogged so much is that people dont understand our style. I think its more a case that us 'dirty revolution clothiers' fit only a small portion of the SL fashion industry. We dont fit everyones tastes, we arnt mainstream. Ive always created things that interest me, that I want to wear or see. I think thats a shared mentality of most of my designer friends - those 'dirty revolutionaries'.
From a purely business standpoint it would make sense to make dresses, to create more formal attire. Id probably make more money... But would I enjoy it? No sir. I'll always create for me, that way when I make those sales its more personal. They are not only buying my hardwork, but also buying into my idea of cool, my sense of style. And I think thats a pretty cool thought! :D At the end of the day, I think you have to do what you enjoy - otherwise whats the point?

So right now, Im trying to get through my little designer notebook of ideas. I have a few things I want to finish. I think some girl tanktops would be nice to get out and would be a nice addition just after getting my new shirts out. I also want to get out some skirts and belts. I think the addition of white versions of my relic classics would also be perfect for some of the lighter shaded designs I have out. Watch this space.

Well, until next time my pretty kitties.



Ru-る said...

It might be the most ambitious and demonic idea ever but:
I want you to make a prim skirt that looks torn, asymmetrical (and maybe even holey).
I'll even sketch ya what I'm thinking. It's obviously not designing for you if you're making skirts, but I know you can do it!

Nex Brannan said...

I want to make sweet love to your style.

Noam said...

These shirts are like my favorite thing you've made stylistically so far.

?? Do you really have a problem getting blogged?
Because you get blogged as much if not more than me. But the fact there are no more high traffic blogs kinda doesn't help anyone anymore, unless you are making ball gowns. You could drop your shirts on Ryan from Second-man if you need exposure.

Arbel really doesn't get blogged.. I dunno what's up with that because her stuff is insanely good. Damn blind critics.

Donovan Brennen said...

Thanks Ru, thats a great idea. I'll try and give it a shot.

And I think Ryan bought them all already. ^^;

Nex Brannan said...

The deal is, bloggers tend to blog what they know and like. Something (like your stuff) can rock, but if it's not what Petunia Pentium, imaginary blogger, digs, it won't be on "Chicks with Clicks, the l33t fashionz blog!!11"

None of us are gonna get accolades from someone who wears nothing but formal gowns. That's not the fault of someone who loves formal gowns, it's just reality.

Personally, I think we should team up like Voltron and make a giant grungy robot. Then we'd need a sweet finishing move. Sweet.

Donovan Brennen said...

Personally, I like our crowd. I guess making gowns can be alright if you like that sort of thing. But it takes a real MIND to get shit and smear it on a shirt. Now THATS classy!

Holy crap, thats an awesome idea! Nex your a genius! I want to be one of the feet, that way I can feel the squish when we step on people! XD

And yes, of course our giant robot is gonna wear kick ass combat boots!

Noam said...

I dunno, like that SL fashiony blog that seems to only like gowns is pepto pink... so I'm guessing my male Gritty Kitty audience isn't tuning in there.

Unless something new comes along, I think the whole fashion bloggy thing isn't the best way to get asses in stores anymore.

We need to think of something better...

Extra bonus points if it's something that does not require me leaving my hidy hole.