Friday, January 26, 2007

The bane of any digital designer!

Im back, yes Im getting back on my blogging saddle. I was kind of out of it for quite a few days. I think Nex thought I died... No no big brother, the gear name will live on. *laugh* But yea, a few things like that dreaded RL work thing had to be attended to, the watching of dvds and the playing of games. A little mini-break ^^; not that anyone noticed Im sure...well other then Nex. >.> Who thought I had died... Im not dead!!! Ive been kinda continuing my current trend of hermiting in my home... I havent made a visit to the block in a while. And I havent caught up properly with friends. Im sorry...Im not purposely being a prick, Im just hunkering down with some work.

But yes, Im back and am working on a big project. A few other designers are kinda helping out on a few things and have given me their blessing to kick out some awesome. BUT, I'll be sure to talk about it in another more exciting lengthy post. Not that its really a big secret, but more that I dont have the energy to write a big post right this second. I havent really named the project either, but to anyone thats been asking Ive been using 'Project: Rival Schools' temporarily. Its lame and theres already a kickass videogame by capcom that flies that named banner. Big minus 50 points for unoriginality.

What I did want to take time out to talk about was losing your work to a crash/powercut/error/stupidness. Oh my I have nightmares about it and it definately is the BANE of any digital designer. These events dont usually strike often but when they do, they CRUSH your very soul. Your left in a babbling dribbling mess, rocking back and forth in the fetal position. Its not pretty! *nods solemnly*

The only real way we can try and save us from what would become scarred memories is to click save. Alot of you are smirking to yourselves thinking - I save, Im not stupid like Don. Well, I thought I did too. It happened to me a week or so ago when coding a site, my Flash crashed suddenly. I was crying to Noam in IM. >_<; And I thought it happened to me again just a short while ago as I worked on a new template. My computer suddenly decided to crash on my return from my Pepsi Max break. As my computer slowly rebooted I can remember myself sitting there with my heart in my throat wondering if I saved. My hands clasped together and reciting the mantra of "Please God...Please God...Please God!" Thankfully, my work was intact as I loaded my PSD file. But Im still sort of shuddering from the actual thought that I could of lost ANY work. Seriously, save after every major change! Make it a habit, it could save your life... well okay, not your life but maybe a few white hairs at the very least. XD

Peace out pretty kitties!



Nex Brannan said...

He lives!

Arbel Vogel said...

Save is your friend ^_^