Sunday, January 28, 2007

Donny Sketch Party 3!

Hey guys!

More doodles for your viewing pleasure. This set coming from art I did for Noam's Rezday and Posy's birthday.

The art for this was done for the invitation for Posys SL Party which Im trying to organise with some much needed help. ^^; But I think it came out cute. Posy is easy to draw because shes soooo adorable.

This was a gift I made for Noam on his Rezday. I didnt know he was having a party until I got TPed by Posy. Eeeeep... I quickly had to do something for Noam and decided to draw a strange doodle of Noam looking miffed and beaten up. Since he was wearing Zabs kick ass bruised skin. Its very very sketchy, but I think it has an endearing 'fuck off' quality. :D And Noams having his RL birthday soon so I get to do another picture of Noam. I love drawing Noam XD

And theres another Block party next weekend. Noam did such a fucking cool poster, it rocks so hard that I want to have it on my wall in real life! I have to think about a limited... ^^; Im right in the middle of my Project: Rival Schools thingy. So I might kick out a special Block academy outfit...we'll see. And yea, I still have to talk about it properly in a post. XD I promise its coming soon! WITH PICTURES!

Peace out pretty kitties!


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Nex Brannan said...

I can see Don's doodle!