Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Rise from your grave...

Yay for Altered Beast referenced titles!
So, I hope you all had a great New Years and Christmas. Yes, Im back after a lengthy absence from blogging. Ughhh... Im bad I know, Donny needs to be beaten.

So did you all make resolutions you dont intend to keep? Yes? Good good. :D We are off to a good start then.
Did you get all the prezzies you wanted on Christmas?

Christmas is always tainted for me, I guess I cant appreciate it as much as my birthday is the very next day. As a kid theres always two days you look forward to out of the year. Christmas and your birthday... and well, with those days being so close it can get a little anti-climatic. As a kid Id always like to soften the blow by having people enlarge my ego by saying -"Hey, you get double presents!" Well, this is only rarely true. Usually people are just cheap and give you the one. And on that rare occasion I do get two it turns out they are two pairs of socks. AWESOME! ¬_¬
You get used to having everything closed on your actual birthday...having to deal with it so much growing up, but the thing I hate the MOST and really just drives me crazy... are people who write happy birthday in a Christmas card. Are they SOOOO cheap they cant just get a regular birthday card? It further enlarges the fact that your special day is overshadowed by Christmas. - Im not bitter really...really. *twitches*

I want to thank everyone that did show up for my SL party, it was really nice. JB DJed and everyone showed up in costume. Woooo! Actually, that reminds me... if I COULD pick my birthday on ANY day. I would pick Halloween. Seriously, if your born on that day it must be sooooo cool. You get oodles of candy, you get to have crazy decorations up and you can dress up any way you want. AWESOME! I bet though, somewhere in the vastness of the interwebz some poor guy is writing in his blog about how much Halloween birthdays suck. Dude! How emo!!! *laugh*

I did get alot of really nice presents from Posy and friends in 2006. Thanks for making my first birthday and Christmas here in SL so special. Noam made me the most awesome picture! Look how cool I look! XD

New Years was awesome however, I hung with some friends and watched fireworks. MAN, the fireworks in London were so awesome. Im glad they didnt cancel them, there was a lot of horrible weather. Oh and I ate spring rolls... Mmmmm! And slightly drunk Guitar Hero jam sessions FTW!
SL New Years was interesting, there was a really great party at DTs and Vas's place. I could of sworn we went through quite a few different new years. *laugh* Time Zones...YAY!

Wooo! How hawt do Posy and Arbers look? Thats such a great picture! I believe Deeks was nominated party photographer and did a ton of shots. ^^;

Well, I hope you had a great holiday season guys. Heres to 2007!

Until next time pretty kitties.



Nex Brannan said...

/me beats Don.

Noam said...

T^T sorry that pic wasn't better. i was in a rush to pack.

Anonymous said...

aww Don I didn't realize your birthday was actually on Christmas. I'd have done more for yas. But I am glad you at least had fun in SL on both christmas and your birthday. :D

Nex Brannan said...

When I was a kid I was friends with a fella named Noel born on x-mas. He hated it.

Donovan Brennen said...

Noam - Its okay, I love it! I look cool. I dare say, Im about to rap! I hope its about chocolate milk and video games!

Trin - My birthday is actually the 26th. ^^ Its known as Boxing day in my country.

Nex - Ow! And yea, I hate it too!

Paisley Poindexter said...

Hey I took that piccy of miss Posy :D Her tail was so fun to watch swishing everywhere. Glad you had a great NY's Don! Hope we bump into each other soon =^..^=