Saturday, February 10, 2007

Crash and Burn.

Ive been working REALLY hard leading up to this weekend. Some of you might remember me mentioning 'Project: Rival Schools'in a previous post. Well, I was getting ready to make my first release with outfits from it this weekend - I was excited! Life however, has a way of shitting on your plans and laughing mockingly in your face.

Yesterday, my computer decided to conk out at around about 8PM GMT. I was crushed, I was in the middle of getting some promotional photos done and some extra goodies. I was really wanting to make a big post explaining what I had planned. Share my enthusiasm for what I have been working on the last couple of weeks. Well, my power supply decided to just burn out. - Crushed...that's maybe an understatement.

So right now I'm using my secondary computer. Its specs are severely lacking...and I dont really trust it to run SL properly. Well, not in the way I'm used to. And this machine has outdated design programs. I am pondering upgrading my PS from PS6 on here to CS. But, this machine rarely does what I want it to do...I don't know if the software upgrade is the best answer. Ive just talked to tech support and have booked to have my power supply replaced, makes me feel better about buying that insurance now. But that's not till Monday, and I'm not sure how long they'll decide to have it in. Its a fairly simple job, but we all know how tech guys are - they assume everyone is stupid. So what essentially might be an hour or two job, they can
lengthen dramatically...conscious free.

I'm so mad right now, all I can think about is wanting to just release my clothes. I think GearShift is in severe need to have some more inventory injected into it. Recently Ive been kind of getting down on myself about how long I spend working on templates and my creations. I do a lot of hand airbrushing and texturing, I spend ridiculous amounts of time zoomed in shading and highlighting folds till Im satisfied they look right. I add fabric textures, I make sure you can see stitching...but really you can only see some of these things if you zoom in closer.I'm obsessed with details like this, I think I have some kind of designer OCD. Do consumers really appreciate things like this? Do they even realize that Ive spent the time to make sure the stitching has the faintest of outer-shading to give it visual weight? I doubt it, my brain is wired differently I guess. Regardless of how I had been feeling - this weekend was there to set things right. That release would validate my hard work ,and all would be right in Don's small kitty world. This is what I had been telling myself anyway, you know...until things got a browner kind of shitty.

So with that ranty vent, I'll leave you with this small visual offering. Its a promotional shot of some of the outfits Ive been working on. I know theres probably some of you wondering, WTF is Rival Schoolz then you bastard? Well, the short explanation would be - imagine Battle Royale mixed with Volcano High. Yea, you'll get the gist of what I'm doing. I'll be sure to post more about the actual project when I don't feel this overwhelming need to stab someone in the face. I'll have more pictures :D

Oh, and if you dont see me on SL for a couple of days. Now you know why. *cries*

Peace out pretty kitties!



Ru-る said...

I miss you already!!

...Not that I'm ever on SL these days. Gah.

Arbel Vogel said...


That fucking sucks bro! I was looking forward to your release too! >.<

You already know how I feel about your "obsession". I'm those type of people who appreciate details, and knowing that you work and think so hard about your designs makes me appreciate your work soooo damn much!

In fact I've been thinking about the way I do things lately. But we'll talk about that later. I just hope you get back soon! It's such a lonely place without my bro!

Trinitee said...

great timing.. I just finished my crest LOL

but seriously.. that super sucks. :( do look forward to seeing more. *hugs*

Noam said...

Duuuuude. That sneak preview looks awesome Don!

Posy said...

I think we all need to make a date to dress up in our schoolgirl uniforms (including Donovan *wink wink*) and run around, creating havoc on the streets of Second life. Sounds fun, huh??? Raaaa!

Hurry back to SL baby... miss you!

Nex Brannan said...


That blows Don, you know how geeked I am for the release.

I'm a techie, so if you need any long distance support lemme know.

Donovan Brennen said...

Thanks guys. Looks like Im gonna be out of action with my main machine longer then I expected. :(

Nex Brannan said...

I have boxes of spare parts, any idea what's busted? Mayhaps a rrescue package could be arranged?