Monday, February 12, 2007

Who wants to be famous?

This is a topic that has been on my mind for the longest time. And it has to do with 'fame' or the pursuit of it in Second Life. Ive been wondering for a while if this was something that was appropriate for my blog, but after reading a reply to something I wrote in style disorder I guess its something other people have been thinking about too.

Not everyone is out to be popular (what does that even mean in Second Life?) or get something for free. - GillianWaldman

There have been a few conversations Ive had with people over the past couple of months that have dealt with this subject. But one I had with Rosie kind of stands out about what 'fame' is in SL. She explained that popularity exists in all aspects of social groups and communities and SL is no different. The popular ones of SL tend to be the content creators, its these people whose names we remember. And I guess its true, its their clothing that we wear, its their inventions that we use and its their creations in which we explore.

I respect hardwork and talent, its ego and attitude I find that sours my view of some content creators. Personally, creating in SL has always been an outlet for my ideas and creativity. 'Fame' isnt something that fueled my desire for creating clothes, it isnt what keeps me up in the early hours of the morning making sure that seams are aligned. Its love, its inspiration, its challenging myself and its these pure ideals that I believe are what make good content creators. When I was starting out in SL it was the attitudes of the designers at the block that I admired. They were approachable and talkative, they were helpful and supportive especially to someone new. Naively for the longest time I thought this was the attitude of ALL designers in SL, I was wrong. But it dosent stop me from believing it is an outlook that should be adopted. I think it would do wonders for the mindset of the casual SL-er and their position for putting creators on pedestals.

A couple of days ago there was a short conversation I had with someone that brought this point to light. I like to think Im very approachable and do my utmost to help anyone that needs it, be it something to do with my store or where to get something. I like conversation and am ready to chat with pretty much anyone. This person explained in IM how they were envious of me and the friends that I was with. He was to shy to approach us when we were at deviant kitties, I told him that we are all very friendly and dont bite. I wanted him to understand that Im just a regular guy, that he shouldnt put so much emphasis on me being a store owner and putting me on a pedestal, that next time he should just hang out. He told me that because I was a designer it allowed me to have 'certain' friends. I couldnt believe what I was reading. Yes, Im a designer. It may be what I do, but Im sure its me the person that people want to get to know, its my personality that gets me friends. Being a designer has NOTHING to do with that. His comments made me feel really awkward, I dont ever want to alienate anyone so I expect the same kind of respect in turn. Im not saying I dont enjoy compliments, but when some people come on really strong it can make you feel quite out of place. I cant speak for all designers, I know there are those who really enjoy the fame induced ego stroking... but I like being treated like a regular guy.

I think this seeps out into other aspects of SL other then content creation. The idea of fame in SL is something that is important to too many people. If your going to start working on something creative with SecondLife as a basis, great! Im all for encouraging new content creators and pioneers of new kinds of media for SL. But take the time to consider what your doing it for. - If the reason is for people to say : "OMG its so-and-so, dont you own generic-store184?" Then your deluded into a pathetic superficial ideal.

Phew, big rant eh? Well, its been on my mind for a bit. Hope it makes some sense. ^^;

Peace out pretty kitties!



Noam said...

I think it's like, you have a business on SL, you want success and if you're a non creator on SL you want fame.

Personally I want my business to do well, but I could 100% do without the people kissing my ass. I cannot take a compliment. I definitely cannot take those super crazy "you're a god" compliments.

I'm on the opposite social side as you. Where you love to chat and be flirty with people, I just... don't. So the pedestal thing and that awful thing were strangers force themselves as friends onto me when we have absolutely no chemistry, drives me completely batty. I just want to make stuff. I'd like people to be happy with the stuff they buy from me quality wise and that's about it.

I worry because I am so asocial that it comes off like I'm not approachable, but then I get angry because why the hell should I have all these kids fawning over me in the first place? I make mouse butt. I didn't cure cancer.

They should be like Fonzi. And what's Fonzi like? He's coooool.

Donovan Brennen said...

I was so sure that noone would reply to this. *laugh* I thought people would be - What? When did Don get opinionated? I thought he just watched cartoons and stuff. >.>

*nods* Yea, we all want our businesses to do well. If people are buying your stuff it kinda validates your hardwork. I still get excited when someone buys from me, knowing there are other places they could be shopping.

I got into SL looking for a new MMO that wasnt WoW. *laugh* I like the social interactions and meeting different avatars. I had no idea that SL had all this user content creation. I just thought it was an urban MMO. ^^; And I still do really, I like meeting interesting people.
But things like - 'Hey Mr GearShift, tell me Im pretty! hey, if you can put up with me BE MY FRIEND! Why arnt you talking to me? Dont you love me? I wanted to spend the day with you!

First of all things like this are what truly scare me. Thats really an attractive way of making friends. >.> Where do they learn social behavior, Psycho camp?
But seriously, I dont know how to deal with it. Id be much happier talking with someone about the transformers or the thundercats then having someone paint my arse with saliva from their tongue.

I mean, its not like Im a level 70 rogue with full epic armour and mount. Now THOSE cats are cool!

Donovan Brennen said...

Oh and I re-read my comment. It sorta looks like I 'STILL' think SL is an urban MMO. - I meant I still like talking to people.

okay. >.> *Skips away* Tra la la!

Nex Brannan said...

I got into creation in SL because I couldn't find "exactly" what I wanted. I loved making stuff, and folks liked it enough to buy. I hope everyone knows I'm a friendly, approachable guy. I do have a bit of sarcastic asshole in my, and that's hard to read in text sometimes.

I'm not a special snowflake, I'm just a guy with a wacom tablet and a lil talent.

PS. I do it all to meet hawt chicks.

Anonymous said...

I think im an oddball... I can't take compliments cuz i am never fully satisfied with the content that i create. i look back on all my past stuff and think wtf.. i cant believe people actually bought this crap.

I dont want to be famous.. i really dont. there's a lot of aspects of being 'famous' that i just dont want in my lil world. Yet it's fun seeing how you can grow.

Noam said...

"But things like - 'Hey Mr GearShift, tell me Im pretty! hey, if you can put up with me BE MY FRIEND! Why arnt you talking to me? Dont you love me? I wanted to spend the day with you!"

Dude, I've gotten notecards from people telling me off for not IMing them. Not only telling me off but saying "You make time to hang out with those people in your picks and not me?" I don't even hang out with my picks people! I have no time!

My friend's list is HUGE and I know about 20 people on it. Some people just want too much. And it's crappy because you want to be the nice guy, but damn the requests you get...

My calling card now comes with the disclaimer that "I probably will never IM you because I'm doing store stuff."

Again, why can't people just be cool?

Posy said...

Hey! I'm the ONLY one who gets to paint your arse with saliva with my tongue!!! :P

Keishii Roo said...

I dunno how to answer most of the automatically makes me shy. ^^;