Friday, February 23, 2007


I'm happy to report that my main computer is alive and well. It was repaired on Wednesday and since then Ive been trying to get back into the groove of releasing and creating actively. The computer burning out there came at such a horrible time, it through my whole flow out of whack! But I think I'm slowly getting back on form and am ready for some nice big releases.

Some exciting news though, some of you may know about it already. But I have purchased my own land. So yes, I WILL have a GearShift mainstore in the near future. I have some exciting ideas for it, lets hope I can pull them off in the build. XD The dreaded computer burnout really did come at a bad time, but Ive had time to think about what I want for watch this space.

Ive got out a baseball cap today. It was going to be a lot more involving when I originally thought of it. But I decided to release it early to get out something fresh from GearShift. My absence in releasing items has seen my sales go a little stale lately, but I'm gonna do my best to inject new life into my store inventory.

The Pirate Cap comes in two packs. Natural and Punk, both packs come with three different shades of hair. If people dig the hat, I'll see about improving it and adding different colours and designs. Maybe a scripted texture switch? We'll see. :D

This morning, I was just walking around Koreshan. I went to finally check out Noams mainstore. Although I did have my secondary computer to check in on SL, I could only really do basic things. Going to big locations would just see my machine I decided to wait. Its a great store, Noam did such a wonderful job. I hadn't been to Koreshan since Noam last took me there quite a few months back. I think back then it was mostly barren space, apart from Chicanery and a few others. But I decided to just take a little stroll today and WOW. Its such a deliciously created sim, its such a fresh idea to have it designed like a theme park. Every store is created with such enthusiasm its hard not to just smile when your wandering around the vibrant landscape.

Koreshan, I salute you!

Peace out pretty kitties!



Anonymous said...

congrats on bein alive!! ya them friggin genius' over at Koreshan make me sick with their skillz. I think im gonna cause a disaster and loot it.

Nex Brannan said...

Glad to have you back, bro :)

Where's the uni's?!?!

Posy said...

::gives Donovan's computer a loving pat... then gives Donovan a loving pat:: ;-)

Nex Brannan said...

Hi, I'm Pat.