Sunday, February 04, 2007

Block Party 4 : The curse of Ivan Drago

The Block Party kicked off today and as usual wasnt without its trademark problems. Yep, I couldnt get any of the streams I had to work so it was without a DJ for a short while. Thankfully, the resourceful and adorably cute-alicous Pushbutton was there to save the day by finding a stream that I could rock on. I LOVE the people at the block, its the only place I can crank out tracks from anime and get a big cheer. *embraces his fellow geeks*
Living in England, the whole Super Bowl thing is lost on me. But from what Ive heard...its pretty big in the U.S . Which is why I thought it was a strange choice to have the Block Party on Super Bowl Sunday. But apparently Zab had planned it weeks in advance and didnt realise it was on the same date, go figure. With that said, we werent without the lag. Though, I dont believe we crashed the sim...surprising. The nutty banter was in full force, comment of the night had to go to Hely with 'orgasmic carrot dinner'. A short but interesting yarn about a young woman pleasuring herself with carrots, then using the said vegetable in her husbands dinner. Can you say yummy?

One of the best things about the block parties has to be the exclusives. And we had them in spades this time around with some great items coming from Zab, Keishii and KO. The limited edition items are on sale however ONLY for today... so if you havent gone to the block and blown your linden load on our offerings then you'll be left unfulfilled later as they'll be gone. Go grab them quick!

Peace out pretty kitties!



Posy said...

Oooo! So THAT's why you've been craving carrots! :P

Trinitee said...

at least carrots are a healthy snack. o.O

You did a fantastic job DJ'ing Don. VERY well done. Had a blast! Ty for keepin it lively. :D

Donovan Brennen said...

carrots are part of this kitties healthy diet. Mmm...carrots.

Glad you had fun Trin! :D I used to DJ twice a week for months. So it was nice to get back on and have fun with it.
Wooooo! Trin is hardcore!!!

Keishii Roo said...

i couldnt hear ya DJing ;-; my computer kept freezing and crashing me bleh...but i heard it was a lot of fun. I hope next time my computer behaves better or i will try the G4 see if it holds longer.

And i want to thank you lotsa for being around this past days, really it meant a lot for me ^^ thanks sexy kitteh.

Donovan Brennen said...

Awww, any time Keishii :D

*big huggles*