Saturday, October 21, 2006

Aesthetics of boredom

Yesterday my new friend Kir showed me some of his videos on Now Ive always had fun just randomly browsing the endless videos and strange web-cam rants that plague this portal like a sexual transmitted disease. But - Id never really thought of actually posting my own videos until yesterday. I wanted to show something Id made, but I didnt really want to go through the whole business of - 'Hey, do you have MSN messeger or anything like that?' then have to wait ages for this 27mb movie to transfer JUST so he could see it. So, I uploaded some of my movies and yay Im totally addicted. Im finding myself looking for other strange movies Ive made just so I can upload them.

Its a little known fact - especially to most of my SL friends...But I actually have dreams of becoming a director. I bet those who know me are right now thinking - 'Hell, I could of taken a guess you wanted to shoot porn.' or 'Hey, can I be in your pornos?' Well no, not that kind of director I mean a REAL director... no offence to any porn directors, Im sure your whole gonzo dp scenes are made with the upmost artistic intergrity.

I used to make movies every summer with friends, we'd grab a camera and shoot random things we'd think up on the spot. They'd all be inside houses and we'd be in our socks performing badly acted fight scenes with plastic gun props...It was great! As we got older we began to actually come up with scripts so that there was more form to what we were doing. We'd involve other friends and some of our projects got really complicated - with cars, blood etc. Ooooh, the editting was torture! We'd edit from camera straight to VHS, it was a sort of guessing/timing game to get ALL of a scene in as there was a short delay every time you pushed record and didnt want to bleed in seconds of another scene in. There was none of this digital editting we have now - back then it was hardcore cheap ass entertainment. - WOW, I just had a whole reminisce-type moment... I wonder what they are all doing now. *sighs*

Well - I uploaded this movie I did in my third year of university. It was an introduction for a verbal presentation I was giving about the Aesthetics of The Matrix. It was a whole scripted affair, my partners waited outside of the lecture theatre and I would stand there alone - apologising for my partners absence. I would then proceed to call up on the phone and ask where they are - at the same time as the movie was playing. He would answer and then we would watch the rest of the movie - following my partners journey to the lecture theatre in matrix fashion. The movie runs a tad over 2 minutes and contains some early experimentation with 3D - YES... cheap bullet time! *laughs*

Weeeee... fun, no? Well with that I shall leave you all to ponder my transition to the adult film industry.

Until next time!



Verbal Spewer said...

Bravo! Omg Don you should PODCAST next!

Deluded One said...

LOL, yayy Donovan! Welcome to Blogland!

My Vent said...

That was cool, but I"m left with a hole.. Where's the ending!!! *sits in the corner shaking* It's ok I'll be fine.. I hope! LOL

Donovan Brennen said...

At the end of the movie when you see the hand on the door handle my partner steps into the lecture theatre and helps begin the presentation - the movie was not only used as a cool set-piece to grab peoples attention. But to show the two different realities of The Matrix and The real world. ^^;

phojam said...

nice bullet time! and fragments from the tree! very cool.