Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Ye' Pirate wankers!

There are just some people whos sole purpose in life is to create drama, to disturb the peaceful balance, to do the one thing they have the talent for - be a complete wanker.

wank‧er Pronunciation [wang-ker]
–noun Chiefly British Slang (vulgar).

1. a contemptible person; jerk.
2. a male masturbator.

Our dramatic tale begins with Posy recently buying new land. It seemed a perfect time to build on the momentum of her successful skins, and take that plunge with a boost to her prim count. Now Posy is someone who loves challenging herself with projects, I was with her throughout the 'tasty skin' endeavour. I watched on as she carefully crafted this skin from start to finish and I was so proud of her when she finally released them. Well, a new home is a project that she has decided to undertake upon the rencent purchase of this land. I was happy to go with the flow, and so for the last couple of days Posy has chiselled and fashioned prims to her will.
However, it was made apparent to me yesterday that devious acts were taking place at the new household. Noam showed me the transcript of what had transpired and I was sickened at the very idea. Agusto Aquitaine is the owner of the neighbouring land just beside us, he owns a huge floating pirate ship.

To him our new skybox was an eyesore, it apparently ruined the view from his pirate ship. His soloution? Create a big prim wall to cover us. Now this errected monstrosity was placed RIGHT next to our home, destroying our view and blocking us from seeing anything from the left side. He had done this without openning a civilized dialogue to maybe discuss something we could all be happy with. He had done this to instigate a responce, to create friction and just continue his lifes work of being...yes you've guessed it - A WANKER!

The logic there just dosent add up to me, why would you cover something you thought was ugly with something just downright horrific? If we were to translate this decision process into something more everyday for instance...like pimples for example. Pimples, spots, zits however you want to call them ARE the bane of the face. Using his logic, to cover these eye-sores we'd grab a big handful of shit and lovingly smear it on the area of disgust. Sounds crazy right? I know - I totally couldnt get into his mind...until later that day when I saw him.

Ladies and gentlemen, I give you Agusto Aquitaine. Things were beginning to make sense, I mean - c'mon! did the village people lose a member? Pirates, yum...we all love us a bit of delicious Captain Jack Sparrow. Agusto however, reminds me of a gimped version of Sinbad the sailor, and he has sinned VERY badly.

Posy was already upset about the events that had happened, Noam and myself had done our part to reassure her that everything would be okay. That it didnt matter what these people thought and we would enjoy our new home regardless. So as Posy went to dine stress free, Noamy and I went driving around in his new nissan. Our kitty adventure took us all the way to the Nissan sim, where I would purchase my own from the comedically HUGE car vending machine. But as Posy returned to continue work on the house, so did our fashion-challenged pirate. This time however with his first-mate Teresa Mullen to errect another monstrosity by the OTHER side of us. He owns the land either side of the one Posy purchased and started to fulfill his threatened promises by taking away our view from the other side.

By this time, Agusto had already blocked me from IMing him. Apparently my use of the words pussy and fucking werent to his liking. BUT, he continued to IM Posy... she was distraught and he continued his bully tactics to get what he wanted - which Im sure was for us to move. Posy was shattered and was ready to give in... But Noam came to her rescue. We both told her it would be okay, that you shouldnt give them the satisfaction of leaving. Noam - a true friend, began building a wonderous lake and waterfall to help complete a new beautiful retreat for Posy. And as soon as Posy was able to relax and remove the control of these pathetic bullies there was NOTHING they could do.

Oooooh, on a side note however. Noamy DID actually create this really sexy tracktop! Im so in love with it!

Well, drama drama drama... Everything seems to be easing into a state of normality again. There isnt anything Agusto can do to upset/bully Posy anymore and Posy is back to her adorable self! *laughs*

Until next time pretty kitties!



My Vent said...

You could have done sooo much more, You guys are way to nice LOL and yay for deflating Drama, but I still say you should have done more.. mayhaps a pretty landsape build around the house and on the other side pictures of nasty leather clad clowns? LOL

Verbal Spewer said...

I agree you were too nice. I am so glad ya'll were able to put Posy at ease. Bullies suck & I'm glad you guys didn't let them get to you.