Thursday, October 19, 2006

Monkey see, monkey do!

So alot of my cool friends seem to be into this new fangled inter-webby thingy called blogging. Not wanting to seem out of touch I thought Id follow suit and make my own.

*waits for internet rejoicing to commence*


*notices no such thing will happen for yet ANOTHER ego-fuelled 20-somethinger and their delirious net ramblings*

So, I guess I'll start by introducing myself. Im one of the many square eyed copper-tops fuelling this huge virtual world called SecondLife. My name is Donovan Brennen and I, my wonderful reader(s) am a neko. *gasp* Yes, I have ears and a tail and prance around beguiling fellow inhabitants with my cuteness.
My SL experience although short has been such a rewarding one, Ive met so many wonderful people and found all new creative outlets for me to tinker with. One of my main obsessions in SL is creating nice things for people to wear at my GearShift stores. Although my library of wearable attire and accessories is small right now, I plan to keep expanding it and hopefully branch out to other things as I develop my skills.

So, Id like to use this blog to hopefully show what things I MAY be working on and releasing. Aswell as maybe throwing random artwork in and occassional rants. So hurrah for another addition to the already VAST blogging universe.

Hmm... so what to talk about? Well... I did bump into Fallingwater yesterday while hanging with the other 'alley kids' at the block. She owns this wonderful store called Shiny Things and I am completely head-over-heals in love with her shoes. I confess to geeking out a tad in front of her, Im always in awe of great designers. . .and Fallingwater is definately one of the best. She was visiting to research what other designers had done with messenger bags (she plans on making one). She was insistent on calling them 'manbags' which we all took great amusement in. She even had time to comment on my 'man-tail' *laughs* what fun! And in case you were wondering - yes, we did indeed throw in the obvious 'manbag' jokes. Har Har!

Im so excited that my new releases are doing well, my 'Versus' hoodie/jacket is selling nicely. I love hanging at the block and just chatting with potential customers, Ive met some really nice shoppers the last week or so and they've had such nice things to say about my work. Im still fairly new as a designer but hearing things like that really fills you with confidence.

So right now Im busy working on some new hoodies, I myself wear them alot in real life, so it only makes sense for me to give them a right seeing to in SL. So expect dirty textured hoodies to be hitting the shelfs of your nearest GearShift store soon. :)

Until next time.


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Verbal Spewer said...

*throws hand to forehead & faints* YAY! Blog away Don! We're reading! <3