Sunday, October 29, 2006

Enter the Geek!

So, I havent been as active on SL lately. Last couple of days have been a little hectic leading towards my special weekend. Im literally a couple of hours away from being at London Expo which I am really excited about. It was such an awesome experience when I visited last May, and it was my first time at such an event. I had never been amongst so many cosplayers and it was so much fun walking around pointing, laughing and asking sheepishly to get our photos taken with some of the really attractive ones. Its always exciting to be amongst some industry professionals, artists, actors and even musicians. I remember sitting for a while at the manga-alley and doodling with tons of other would-be artists. Ive met so many cool people my last visit, some of whom I'll be meeting up again with today... I cant wait to see what mischief I'll get into and what new wonderful people I'll meet.

Its also a chance to catch up with some old friends. Chat, mingle and successfully flirt my way back into their hearts is what I have on the cards for today. Its also an opportunity to squander large amounts of cash on shiny things... shiny things Im sure my eyes will latch onto while sprawling through the marshlands of retailers there. Oooh, so pretty much what I do in SecondLife then. *smiles*

So - the housing issue hasnt been officially settled yet. I havent been able to spend as much time in SL and Posy has suffered problems since the last update. I feel a little bad about it - but its out of both of our hands. Im sure things will be settled soon and everything will happy- happy, joy-joy!

I still havent been able to release new clothes liked Id hoped. The whole pirate issue sucked any fun out of creating anything there for a while and some real-life freelance work took priority. *sighs* Im pinning for next week for another clothing-release dump... lets all cross our fingers shall we? - Its safer then holding our breath! *laughs*

To those of you who have been wondering where your Donnie has been, well now you know. The stories of me suffering from a pirate related death are completely untrue... Im alive and well and mewing happily. I'll return to active SL duties soon, more drama, more innuendo and more time for me to play with my balls . . . of yarn. XD

*waves excitedly from RL*


Verbal Spewer said...

OMG I wanna go too! I wanna dress up like Winrey from FMA! YAY! Have fun Don... we miss ya!

Deluded One said...

Yay for dumping new releases on us!! Hurry Hurry!!

Posy said...

I LOVE geeks! Oooh, and I hear that geeks make the best lovers :P Hmmm...that gives me an idea for a t-shirt ;)