Thursday, October 26, 2006

A bridge over troubled water...

So the last couple of days have been full of drama, huzzah! Rosie told me that SL goes hand in hand with it and I have to agree. If there is one thing Ive learnt from my stay here, its that SecondLife comes infused with drama and we breathe it like polluted air. But Im more the sort thats willing to digest it in small bite-sized pieces...not king-sized buffet portions.

Ive just logged onto SL and Ive recieved a notecard from Noam. I decided to get an early night yesterday, so I must of missed out on the fun-time gathering.

The note reads:

Hi Posy and Don,
I talked to the neighbor and everything is pretty much fixed. Since you guys aren't on I can't explain everything, but basically we had a normal civil discussion and he's a normal guy. There are 3 things we came up with to settle all this crap.

1) Move the Skybox down. I actually went to his ship and honestly, the sky box is huge and it's really really noticable and looks frankly.. bad from underneath. No he didn't handle it in the best manner, but I think he felt threatened like POsy intentionally wanted to destroy his view and thus he retaliated with the wall.
If you move the sky box down to 400 ish , there isn't anyone around and it's got no clouds and neither of your views will be crappy.

2) Don needs to be civil and appologize for calling him a Nazi and a Pussy. The only reason they continued to harrass Posy last night was because of what Don said. It took A LOT to talk him out of just declaring war on you. We talked for like an hour and everything was very cool and relaxed, so he's not some insane psycho teenager being a prick for fun. He was extremely insulted, especially since he didn't call anyone names. I explained to him that his logs came off as really bad and he did not realize that. It's all a big test in empathy here. I get the impression that he is a little stubborn, but overall a nice dude. He probably got it in his head that you two were the teenagers fucking with him and the Nazi/ pussy remarks proved his theory.

3) He's going to talk to his GF and get her to calm down. She's really pissed off and that's why she has been building all the little houses. I didn't talk to her, but she's apparently all ready to do some nasty stuff. He's going to talk her out of it though.

That's it. Posy I hope you enjoy your Waterfall. I'll help you move stuff tomorrow and get it all under your ownership.
Love you guys!=^..^=Noam

P.S.- The bill for my lawyer fees is in the mail.

Noam is my best friend and I trust his judgement, if he says this Agusto is a nice guy...then Im sure he probably is. But from what Ive been made to understand its looking as if my words were the catalyst for his behaviour the previous night. Did I call him a Nazi? Yes I did. Did I call him a pussy? Yes I did...and a fucking pussy at that. - But BEFORE you all comment with the "OH teh NOES thats bad - how juvenile!" Let me justify my actions by putting to light what our dear Agusto had said to Posy.

Agusto Aquitaine: hmmmm, i was gonna say omg! whats up with putting this ugly house up next to my boat??? and then thanks for ruining my view :-( and then call u a a teenager or inconsiderate..... i figured u would take offence to that so i built my wall, in conjunction with what i thought u found attractive considering the monstrosity that you put up now that we have a dialog, we can discuss what we are willing to do with our beautiful pieces of art :) have a gread day :D (Let me remind you that this is coming from someone who dresses like hes in a YMCA video - lets not discuss art with him)

*By this point Posy had extended a housing wall to cover the brick wall he'd produced*

Agusto Aquitaine: see, now i think you might want to fix your transgression of extending that wall.....if you look carefully, you will notice that I also own the land on the other side of yours, and am VERY willing to clone my ugly wall on that side also and if need be, extend both sides to the ground, and above your building capability....
(All the messages he sent here were offline IMs)

Those look like bully tactics to me. Regardless IF our house was in his view, you DO NOT stamp your feet and carry yourself in the way he did. Agusto's first words to me were argumentative, I retaliated in how I thought was best at the time - ANGER. He might not have called me names, but conducting himself in such a manner - despite his vocabulary does not defuse the fact that his actions were that of a wanker. (for definition please see previous post)

If the situation were to happen again, I would of done exactly the same thing. I dont mince my words, I usually say what I think... If someone is going to act like a 'fucking pussy' I will tell them so. But I will apologise if just to put this whole matter behind us, I dont want any more stress to befall Posy and I would be much happier to continue making clothes and watching movies in the sky.

Well, thats all for now pretty kitties. Until next post!



Posy said...

First of all, a big “thank you” to Noam for being a great friend and a fine negotiator...taking the time and effort to step in like this for me shows what an amazing person you are and what a treasured friend you are to me and Donovan. Also...sending a hug and a kiss to my wonderful, and supportive boyfriend, Donovan for being there for me and wiping away my silly girly tears. Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to log into SL since the update. Hopefully that will be fixed very soon.

Just a couple of comments about the “pirate drama.”

1. I know that Donovan was angry and used some choice words for Agusto when he saw the wall there. He had every right to do that...he was was I when I saw it. This is OUR new home, and someone intentionally attacked us by putting up that wall. Plus, Donovan was replying to “his” IM...which was snyde and provoking. He was obviously wanting a reaction, and he got one...why was he surprised? I read in Noam’s note that he was insulted because he didn’t call anyone names and we did, but he insulted us initially with his that any better?..and he did throw the first “punch.”

2. The reason I was calling him a “teenager” was because he didn’t even try to contact me in a civilized manner to discuss my skybox blocking his view, he behaved as a juvenile and put up a wall. Plus, he sent me a LM which I believed would show me something he had done...instead, it sent me plunging to the ground from some high that the behavior of a mature adult? Anyone who knows me, knows that I’m a pretty nice and reasonable person, and I would have done my best to accommodate him. Instead, he took the “low road” and put an brick wall up to block my view, instigating a “reaction” instead of a civilized conversation.

3. He thought I put up my skybox to intentionally block his view? Puuuhhhlease! I don’t even know the dude...what would be my motivation? Again, if he had just IMd me in the first place, he would have found out that I was simply building a home for me and Donovan.

4. I made a gesture on my part by taking down my large wall...there were no such gestures on his part. In fact, he had his girlfriend begin to build a structure on the other side escalating things. Then he IMd me with a condescending attitude, surprised that I was he oblivious to his actions? He’s so offended by the angry language being used..but doesnt he realize how offensive and threating his were? Apparently he was trying to negotiate, but would always include some sarcastic or smug jab at me or Donovan...sorry, those where not acceptable circumstances where I felt comfortabe to negotiate, so I simply stopped speaking to him, and began to focus on the kind words and support of Noam and Donovan.

Whew! Got that off my chest! Didn’t mean to prolong the drama, but felt like I needed to say something. I’m tempted to put in a few more points, but I’ll spare

I will definitely move my skybox down to problem! I’ll do it as soon as SL lets me back in. One final comment... now, don’t you think a quick IM to me in the first place saying.. “Hey Posy, can you please move your skybox down to say...400 or so that my view isn’t obstructed? I’d really appreciate it :)” would have been easier than conctructing a big brick wall? I think so!

Hugs and kisses to all...and extra sloppy ones for Noam and Donovan =^.^=

Deluded One said...

OH teh NOES thats bad - how juvenile! U crack me up!

My Vent said...

I sooo feel the need to sing..*throws up hand and starts sining* Y M C A but yay Noam and to all of you I'm glad everything is getting settled! I always say communication is key to any kind of relationship!

Noam Sprocket said...

We all know our side to it. My point was so you guys could see his side. It was like a big snowball rolling down a hill, she did this so I did this and then she did this and he did this and I did this and she did this and he did this and I did this, etc etc etc etc.

My advice to anyone who is dealing with this kinda crap, just chill. Even when they act smug, make a little joke, be witty in a not assholy way, use a :) or randomly say hehe in a lighthearted kind of way. It lightens the mood. Half the time you have to agree totally with the person, and then sneak in your point of view and wait and agree and smilie face, get your point in, listen to them, kinda agree.

And now I'm off to visit Isreal and Palestine now, then fly over to some of the eastern European countries at war and then I'm having dinner with the Hatfields and dessert with the McCoys now that I'm on a roll with this dispute managing...

James said...

Ah fuck that Nazi pussy! If he thinks so much of himself that someone would go out of their way and buy land to fuck up his view then dude needs a life.

Noam Sprocket said...

Update: Teresa IMed me and thank me and is taking her sky boxes down. She was very nice and admitted that both her and Agusto overreacted to your overreaction. The cup runneth over with overreaction. Dear god is that some overreaction above this post?

If this happened to me and not Posy, I can think of hundreds of things I'd rather do in SL than fuck up some guy's view, even if he was a dick to me. It's not like he knew you personally and was a dick. That actually hurts.

Things I'd rather do:

I would rather... update my store ads (=_= I have to do this, but I'm putting it off.)

I would rather... buy a zombie skin and chase people around in Little Silent Hill.

I would rather... give Zaniada's scary lion feet a pedicure and eat the left over toenails.

See, lots more things to do in SL than buy land for revenge. The dude isn't even a bad guy.

Note to self: buy zombie skin.

Posy said...

Just to set the record straight, I didn't intentionally put my skybox up to "fuck-up" anybody's view. I was simply building a home for me and Donovan, oblivious to how it was looking from below (I guess I just rarely look up and didnt realize it was an issue). I did, however, extend the wall I built to cover his brick wall, but removed it the very next day as a gesture to resolve things. And I too have many other things I would rather do in SL than deal with this drama, believe me...anything would have been preferable to this.

I trust Noam's judgement about people and I'm sure that the pirates and the kitties will be able to co-habit the land and be respectful and considerate neighbors.

Now can we please just stop talking about this situation and put it behind us? Thanks!

Posy =^.^=

Posy said...

I trust Noam's judgement about people and I'm sure that the pirates and the kitties will be able to co-habit the land and be respectful and considerate neighbors.

Now, I would absolutely LOVE to put this all behind us, okay? Thanks!

Posy =^.^=

Noam Sprocket said...

LoL, I never said you did any of that. I'm responding to James who said someone should buy the land around it and do that.

Donovan Brennen said...

Actually, I think James was saying that Mr Pirate should get a life if he thinks someone would actually purchase land to fuck up his view. Dont think he was saying that anyone SHOULD buy land to fuck up his view. *laughs*

*waves at James* Who are you again?

Any YAY - comments!

Noam Sprocket said...

haha, you're right. I read it like 3 times too and my brain interpretted it wrong. I can read... just not well.

Fact: my last nieghbor in Rogla put vagina pictures facing my house for a week (Maybe more.. I mean when I'm in my house I see the inside of my house, god knows what's going on across the street.) Vaginas on my side, alpha's on his.

There are people that lame out there.

Posy said...

OMG...I realized that AFTER I posted my comment...then wrote a new one (you'll see the 2nd one that's far more, then tried to retract the old one, and it wouldn't let me...Ugh! Just read the 2nd one... and ignore the first one, okay? Okay, I'm gonna stop now. Hugs and kisses to mah kittie bois!