Monday, October 23, 2006

The butler did it!

Yesterday was an interesting evening in SL. It was my friend Thorns birthday and to celebrate his boyfriend had rented out this murder mystery event at Beyond the Prim. Ive not been to many different areas in SL just yet, most of my experiences stem from either chilling at the block, DJing at a club or just being unsocial at my house. So it was definately a welcomed change, and an enjoyable one at that. The party begun by getting acquainted with some of the other guests at the destination and waiting agonisingly for the place to load. I dont know what it is, but SL has definately been more sluggish for me on the rezzing end. When filled in however the buildings were well-crafted and equally deliciously textured. The event started by getting our photographs taken, it didnt go without its small hiccups however as my girlfriend struggled to not crash. But like the others, we too eventually got our photograph taken. Look at the scary ghost of David, trying to touch up Posy - What the fuck dude!

Apart from a sim crash nearing the end of the event, it all went rather smoothly. Aside from the party guests the murder mystery was populated with character actors who each had their own motive for the possible murder of David (the deseased in this mystery). We would find out a little from each character through various different set-ups, the initial introduction of each person, a game of charades and conversations through dinner. The actors kept strictly in character and it was really interesting watching their interactions with each other, their snide little remarks and comments. It was up to us guests to keep track of what was going on until we'd all have to guess who the actual culprit was. Even after successfully winning four special clues (you'd recieve them for answering questions correctly and winning games) I was the ONLY one to guess incorrectly. *sighs* Guess Im not as smart as Id like to think, but at least my girlfriend got it right. So YAY!

Oooo... also, I saw a new updated version of Zabitans new skin. And I have to say it is looking rather tasty, us boys are in for a treat. I remember having a conversation with Noam about how almost every guy was running around in that Dante ND skin, he said it would probably be easier to name those that havent got it. And you know what - thats SO true. I think we are all getting a little tired of these ND skins... it might be a perfect time for Zabby to release to the rejoicing of many Im sure.

On the GearShift front, Im going to try and have a few things released again this week. Ive been working on a new hoodie and I have some ideas also for some buttoned-up club shirts that I think could be fun. On the side, I have been experimenting with skins as I thought it might be a nice challenge. Im going to completely paint mine from the ground up, I have quite a bit of experience with actual life-drawing and digital painting. So Im sure I could get something rather nice done, its just finding the time for this mammoth project. Id really like to have more items of clothing out before I really commit to this. I have a growing to-do list for GearShift and Im trying to attack it one at a time. *laughs*

Well - until next time my pretty kitties.



Verbal Spewer said...

But ND skin makes me creamy! :D

Donovan Brennen said...

I agree, they are great. BUT not if everyone is wearing them. After Noam said that, Im so concious about my own skin. ^^
Its alright for you girls, theres so many awesome skins for you to choose from. *grumbles*

Candi said...

awww <3 Don

Arbel Vogel said...

Duuuuuude! You got a blog! ;D

phojam said...

Teh murder mystery sounds like a blast! and you are SOOOOOO right, girls have so many cool skins to choose from, and guys, not so much. I take heart knowing you and Zab are working on some more alternatives. with ur talent, they'll be tote kickass, i'm sure!