Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Balancing act.

*dodges thrown fruit and veg from readers as he sheepishly makes a late post*

Okay, I know I havent blogged in a while. I sowwy, I was finding it difficult to find interesting tid-bits to entertain you all with. I did however get some advice, a couple of days ago while sitting with my foot firmly lodged between the digital buttcheeks of Rosie. Jelly said that I should just write about how Im feeling...and whined why there was a lack of an entry brandishing the fact she has added my name to voiced gesture.

Oh - I cant just write small thoughts down. No... I must punish you with long-winded extracts from my very mind. Im a disturbed sentence-sadist!

Well, Ive been feeling a little lacking as a designer. My library of clothing at GearShift is pretty puny at the moment. My stack seems to crumble at the sight of some other designers inventory. Ive had this reverberating voice saying - 'Make clothes...Make clothes.' in a chilling sort of psychotic mantra. Im starting to feel guilty that I havent released in a while and Im scared people are going to give up/forget about me. - I finally got to speak to Noam yesterday which made me happy. He told me that I shouldnt let it bother me as much, that I shouldnt make it seem like work and that it should be fun. He said people wouldnt forget me. :3 That really made me feel so much better! He also called me hun, I think that was a first. *smiles*

I keep a small design book. In it I write ideas about clothing and accessories so that I wont forget about them. Usually Im talking with Posy when an idea would hit me in the face and the start of a random but magical collection of sentences would leave my lips. "Hey, you know what? Wouldnt it be cool if..." Which Posy would reply with - "That sounds cool, you should make that." And I think... Oooo idea! And Id pen it in this little black sketch book with doodles and scribbly writing. Now this book has pages of ideas that Im slowly trying to get through. One of them that Im working on right now is a new hoodie. Ive been chipping away at this template while trying to balance freelance work. Im sooooo close to actually finishing it, I can literally taste the feeling of release when I have it on a prim on a wall. Just a few things I need to fix but Im liking how its turning out.

Still a few minor things I need to fix. Im a glutton for detail, so I keep finding myself going back and adding little highlights. Tightening certain areas and generally sculpt it into a piece of clothing I feel is solid. All I can think about right now is wanting to get into Photoshop and happily airbrush away, work however is being made a priority. Im having to have a site ready for this evening so the hoodie will have to wait. *strokes Hoodie* 'My precious.'

Well, I'll leave it there pretty kitties. I'll be sure to ramble on again soon.



Deluded One said...

::throws fruit and veggies:: (soft fruit tho like grapes and melon balls) Blawg! Blawg!

Verbal Spewer said...

Haha! I love Rosie's buttcheeks! <3
Yay for blawging! Ya know you don't have to be a workaholic like some people *rolls eyes* SL should be fun not work. Create at your leisure and always remmy "If it ain't fun... run!" You're a great designer & the hoodie looks great. I don't think anyone can forget you or your things. So make it fun & ya finish that hoodie. :p I NEED IT!

Noam Sprocket said...

AAAAH! Don't tell people I say "hun!"

My surly and gruff persona is forever ruined. /cry

Posy said...

Oooh Baby...lookin' hawt in that pic! *fans herself*

Arbel Vogel said...

You're too cool to forget Don! I know we hadn't chatted in a while, I'm limited to my online time plus I'm working on some releases before my deadline...making my own deadline always helps me through my procrastination. And that hoodie is looking fab! Can never get enough hoodies! :D

Willow said...

Did someone say Hoodies... I am so there... when you do it!