Wednesday, May 30, 2007

New Biker boots!

Just finished some new biker boots. Still unnamed but Im quite happy with them. They are based loosely on 'Kings' boots from Tekken 5. I still have a few more accessories to finish before Im done with my biker outfits. But watch this space. :D

Peace out pretty kitties!



Posy said...

Ooo! They turned out great!!! Wanna play footsies later??? :P

Vasean said...

those turned out fantastic D !!!

Paisley Poindexter said...

Needless to say I'm sure I'll be seeing these on the feet of many a man in my near future.

Was so great to see you last week luv. Hope all is well in your world <3

Ru-る said...

They look badass :3

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