Monday, May 21, 2007

Donny Sketch Party 5!

The other day I did a sketch while chatting with Saeya. After I finished it I started looking through some of my artwork and noticed I might possibly be obsessed with smoking artistically. *laugh* I fucking hate smoking in real life, its pretty much a habit Im not going to take up. I made a weird little pact with some friends when I was 13, we all promised we would never be like the poser 6th formers in my school and that we would not smoke. 11 years later and Im the only one left in that lil group who kept those principles. I just find it funny that Ive been so attached to it visually, not only in my art but my avatar is now pretty much a heavy chain smoker. I'll post some art from my lil archive, some art is as old as 2002 so expect varying artistic ability.

Okay, Im also obsessed with drawing boys. ^_^;

Well peace out pretty kitties.
Im out for a fag break. :P

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