Friday, May 25, 2007

GearShift Academy!

So, I started texturing my main store. Its been well overdue. Its been sitting there half built for months now. Broder and Snippy decided to help so I dragged them along and they fixed unaligned prims and built some new bits. While I textured and pulled things together. Its starting to take shape...Im sooo fucking ready to release my fucking uniforms already. XD

I never forgot about my Rival Skoolz project. It just got put on the back burner for a lil while.

Peace out pretty kitties!



Posy said...

I can't wait to kick some school kid ass! You're all doing such a GREAT job!!!

Broder Kubrick said...

Rival Skoolz! =O!

Saeya said...

You guys rocked it... can't believe how fast you guys got that done. Looks super dope!