Sunday, May 20, 2007

BlockParty 5!

Hey guys!
Wanted to thank everyone for showing up at the party this past Saturday. I had so much fun. As always, it wasnt without its problems in the beginning. I completely spaced on giving Jonny the stream information the night before. So, with some quick thinking and help from Zab we cooked up a little banner which could load the stream OUTSIDE of SL. Jonny did show up later to fix the stream in world so it eventually worked out. In my experience however, The Block parties are never without their teething problems at the beginning but they always manage to finish strong.
This was definately the biggest party I believe we have had for the Block. Just the amount of people in one place was just so exciting. We managed high traffic through out before crashing the sim at 96 nearing the end. Whats a block party without a crash or two?
I think the live music went down well, I'll be sure to play some more songs next time round. And I'll do my best NOT to drop my guitar pick during a song. And... >.> sorry for the mic breathing. *laugh* But apparently some people liked it? 0_o
I was also REALLY excited to have tracks from Elec Tone which went down a treat when I played them for the crowd. All in all it was a great experience and I am so looking forward to the next one. Lets hope it is sooner, rather then later.

Peace out pretty kitties!


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