Saturday, May 05, 2007

Get your fresh issues at GearShift!

Been a lil hectic this past week. Ive had to actually buckle down and finish three new stores. I used to love getting a new place when I first started out as a designer, but now setting up new stores is probably one of my LEAST favourite things about the designer experience. Dont get me wrong, I understand its importance and will put some effort into my store set ups. But, I do sometimes leave it till that last minute.

There are two sims opening to the public this weekend, Downtown and the NEW Block. Im actually kinda psyched about my stores there. I put a little more thought into their conception than usual. They are both themed as comic book stores which I thought was amusing. Im probably a lil more partial to my Block store as I built it from the ground up. Though, they are both at such nice locations its hard not to love them equally. Definately fun for the whole family!

This comic rack was built by the awesome Posy, a testament to how much she rocks!

Ahhhh...refreshing! Im now Geared up for the rest of the day! GearShift cola, now with extra GEEK!

Both sims will be celebrating with a party I believe. Im still a little cloudy about the time of the Block party opening, but rest assured I'll be there kicking it with the mad tunes. The Downtown sim will be rawking out with their party starting from 12 SLT. I'll be grabbing the mic at around 4SLT so be sure to come down and support the sims. Good times!

Peace out pretty kitties!

"Whooooooooo... PARTY!"


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