Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Block Party 5 is coming!

So the Block party is happening this weekend. For those that were disappointed that things didnt go down LAST weekend. Well, just be cool. Its getting sorted for this Saturday and its going to ROCK so hard. So rejoice block kids, its happening.

Ive been putting together some posters for the event. Following on from Noams great movie themed poster from a previous party. Can you guess which movie this poster is inspired by?

Im trying to get some of the other designers to make a secondary poster with the colours inverted. Then I'll put the images of them on shirts and tank tops which you can get at the party ABSOLUTELY free! Coupled with the great limiteds that will be available people are sure to come away with some top quality fashion booty!

Im not 100% on the time of the party, which is why its not on this version of the poster. But I imagine it will start at 12PM SLT... or there abouts. As usual I'll be spinning the tracks so be sure to come down and chill with the rest of us.

Just be cool.


1 comment:

Posy said...

Woah! The poster turned out great!!! Can't wait for the party :D