Monday, May 21, 2007

Guitar Zero!

Hey guys!
Was super bored so decided to play some songs and record myself. Just played a couple of songs for fun. So get ready to cringe to my amateur guitar playing, with all its buzzing and lame strum patterns. I included all the takes because its funny when I fuck guys can laugh at my skitzoid cursing!

These are all done on an acoustic guitar with a lame mic. I dont have a professional set up or anything. XD

Always your way This is a song I totally adore. Its by a London band called My Vitriol!

New shoes A lil bit of a new song Ive been learning. Its by Paolo Nutini and its kinda bluesy, if you dig that stuff. And its about shoes! HAWT!

The next lot are takes of me playing Basket Case by Green Day. Im still kinda learning the song. I get so angry when I dont get things right and turn into a skitzoid sailor apparently.
Take 1 : Im so lame!
Take 2 : fucking balls!
Take 3 : Basketfuck

Enjoy the madness!



Sakuradawn Lei said...

^^ you sounded great on those first two songs, I loved em. But to be honest I went nutz for the Basket Case takes. It's so nice to know I'm not the only one who turns into a sailor when I screw things up. Oi you should hear me late at night, I could make a whole ship of sailors blush all the way to their toes ^^:

Posy said...

OMG! I'm at work and had to hold in my laugh :P Cursing in a British accent kinda sexy!

Donovan Brennen said...

Thanks Sakuradawn and Posy. Glad you guys could laugh at my crazy antics.

Fuck is sometimes a word I use to string sentences together. I use it like normal people use ...hmmm, ummm, well and the like.

For example -

"Well fuck, this fucked coffee is to fucking strong. You'd think these fucks could get a fucking simple thing like fucking coffee correct. For fucks sake!"

:D Yay, Im great at childrens parties!