Thursday, November 16, 2006

And the superstars sucked into the 'supermassive'.

So Im sure everyone is sick and tired of hearing about the copybot. So, I'll try and make my rant on it brief before moving onto less drama filled things.

On the day that the sky started to fall, I like everyone was upset. I did my best to stray from the hysterics, I really wanted to find out more about it before booking my ticket to hell. I guess Im glad for not being in the fashion-superstar loop in situations like this, Keishii told me of what was happening in the sellers guild and I was like - 'OMG really?!?'.

I think alot of the paranoia stemmed from Robins original post on the blog. We designers really want to feel safe and protected. Robin spoke vaguely about the bot and its capabilities, and their impartial stance on copybot left us all with a sour taste in our mouths. When a big crisis like this occurs we want to look to the Lindens and feel a safe secure embrace, with a lulling voice telling us 'Everything will be okay, we'll look after you.'What we got instead was more along the lines of 'Hey, we cant do anything...we'll try. But right now I guess it sucks to be you.' For people working in the business of people in metaverse...they sure dont know how to deal with people.

This of course started the mass hysteria, avatars were running to supermarkets buying up cans of digital beans to stock in their bunkers. Children were running around soiled and naked and feathered chickens flocked to the streets...utter chaos! The amount of rumours I heard about what this bot could ACTUALLY do I would later find are in fact false. Thanks to Zab and a group of other designers we sat in with Cory and tinkered to find out exactly what it could do.

Heres a brief summary. (thanks to Chronocloud for this.)

What can the CopyBot create a copy of?
- fully textured objects attached to avatars in proximity
- fully textured objects in proximity

What can the CopyBot not copy?
- any object contents, including scripts, animations, sounds and textures
- clothing
- shapes
- textures (objects are textured but the CopyBot does not get the original textures)

- If CopyBot copies you, only your attachments can be transfered, not your shape, clothing, appearance.
- If CopyBot copies your attachments, the attachments will be simple objects without any special functionality since they will not contain scripts, animations, etc.
- If CopyBot copies your product vendor, it will only get an object that looks like your vendor. It will not contain your product or any of the vendor scripts.
- The same is true for unattached objects.
- You can turn off object creation in sims containing unattached objects you do not wish to be duplicated

On the PXP comment fiasco -
I find it funny that some people can jump on bandwagons and run around beating babies with bats with only misinformed hearsay and small balls of truth. Sometimes people are all to ready to follow the popular crowd without once questioning the reason. Of course the situation is a serious one, but I dont think punishing our customers by closing on the idea that they could potentially be a prick is right either. Id like to stay positive and believe that the huge majority of people are going to remain true to us. When it comes to music I like to support the artists I love by handing over my hard earned cash, I think this mentality is true for customers in SL. They will rally to support those designers they like because they appreciate our hardwork and time.
I really do admire the way designers have come together with a singular voice, I just think we could be using it in a better way. At the end of the day, all of us designers are in the same boat, the threat of theft is not a new one...its been around in other shapes long before November 14th. If copybot has done one thing, it has lifted the vale of the false sense of secruity we all had. We are all potentially at risk from theft, not just the big names...but us smaller stores too. Lets work together as a community to help each other, if you spot something or someone sinister...well spread the word. I know its important that LL looks after us, but I also think its important that we be united - petty squabbles arnt going to be constructive to our cause. ONE LOVE!

Okay, so I lied about it being brief...sue me! OMG!!!1 Dont do it really, copybot is stealing all my business. T^T

Sooo in the background I have been making more clothes. Ive decided to hold out on my release of my new stuff....Grrr, for obvious reasons. But yesterday I managed to sell 8 of my hoodies. AND they arnt even released, holy shit! *laugh* Friends have been wearing them and people have been asking questions. Wow! Way to build hype! So lets hope this is a sign that they will do well. *grins*

Also, on a strange note. Yesterday I met someone who lives like a 10 minute drive from my house. How awkward is that? Im so used to meeting americans on here that even meeting my european brothers is a rare treat. Meeting someone so close to home is just new to me. It really is a small world after all. XD Hes a musician, actor and is actually pretty cute. *smile* I said we could maybe collaborate on something, and seeing as Im usually into some kind of strange media project working on crazy ideas...its definately a possibility. :D

Well, I'll leave you with that pretty kitties!


Deluded One said...

Hoooorayyy for hoodies!!

Willow said...

I bet I live about 10 mins from you too!

*stands outside your window*

Donovan Brennen said...

OMG Im naked! Dont stare!