Thursday, November 16, 2006

Its super robot fighting time!

I bet alot of you must be tired of huge rambling posts by myself. I know, I sometimes can get into one. Seeing all that text...omg scary! So heres a short fun-filled post for you all.

I stumbled upon this a month ago and thought it was soooo great. I love the terminator and robocop. Someone with a great passion for both movies went out of their way to splice together footage from the movies to make an action filled short. Just amazing!

Wasnt that fun? Yes... I thought so too!

And now for something a lil different.

*laugh* that silly Neo!

Until next time pretty kitties!


Verbal Spewer said...

HAHAHA! Omg Don! How do you find these things. LOL

My Vent said...

I'll be back,
Why not?