Saturday, November 25, 2006

New zipped collared jumpers!

Okay, I bet some of you after reading the title are wondering - 'What the hell is a jumper?' And others are thinking - 'Yep, this guy is definately british.' Kudos to those who know what they are - but to the uninitiated its what we limeys call sweaters. Yah, I was actually chatting to Posy about these things a while back. They are in my lil black book of designs and are now officially ticked off as of today. I own some zip collared fleece tops in real life, they were initially the inspiration. But instead of using a fleece-like texture I gave it more of a knitted look. I think they've come out quite well, Im also quite pleased with the zipped prim collar. I made the lil zip I assume it moves around when your walking. - Not that its easily viewable though seeing how small it is. But Im sooooo obsessed with small details like that, as much as making things dirty - if not more.

That graffiti-ed spot outside 'Miau Haus' at the new block is definately a hawtspot for photos. While taking them I bumped into DT owner of Desert Moon, he was wearing his female shape for some new dresses hes designing. He looked hawt with boobs, as did his newly designed dresses. - I myself dont really have a female shape, I enjoy just running around in drag...I so have the bum to pull it off. XD I spent some of my morning with my friend Char, her boyfriend was huge in comparisson to lil old neko me. He looked like a schoolyard bully! - This is where the topic of school uniforms came up, and my funtime escapades at Nakama with Posy and Noam. I put it on and wiggled my lil spiked tail. - Ive decided to hang around the block tonight in my schoolgirl uniform. *laugh* Be sure to look out for me. XD

Im going to try and finish some more goodies before my next release. Im also wanting to make free goodies for members of the 'GearShift Collective'. Yay! *goes off to design.*

Thats all for now pretty kitties!



Verbal Spewer said...

OMG YAY! Also thanks so much for helping me capture Vas' camera meat. :p

Arbel Vogel said...

Loving the jumper, the prim collar is a nice touch!
Perhaps make a cropped "backward boobie cleavage" version for the ladies? xP

Keishii Roo said...

OMG...i love those jumpers!..the color is amazing and the detail :o woaaa....yay Don! <3

Donovan Brennen said...

Thanks Kei and Arbers! XD