Saturday, November 18, 2006

PowerPuff Girls Z!

So how many of you like watching the powerpuff girls? Come on... raise those hands. :) Okay, so heres an interesting little fact. If you knew this already, who woulda thunk huh? But to those still in the ya go.

PowerPuff Girls Z! Yes, the PPG have gotten transformed into uber kawaii chibi gurls. (OMG a mixture of german and japanese buzz words.) Yep, Cartoon Network teamed up with TV Tokyo and its undergone a complete transformation. The PPG are sooo amazingingly popular in Japan, to them it seems natural. But I find it really interested that a show that was inspired heavily by anime from the outset with sprinkles of american sensibilities has in turn crossed over to Japan and then been remade. Imagine if you will, the american show crossing the sea to have sordid sex with a japanese anime show - only to find that their hijinx led to some freakish pregnancy. Its like a cross-bred bastard cartoon child. *laughs and pokes the freak show* Isnt it cute? Yay for cross pollination!

So without further a do, heres the intro to the show!

And now that I have comepletely raped your mind with this confuzzled choice of pointless information. I shall ride off, like BraveStar.

Untill next time pretty kitties.


Canimal said...

omg i just came after reading that. Did you see on deviant art theres was a powerpuff girls comic by bleedman. he did an entire series w/ other cartoon netwrok characters. it rocked.

Donovan Brennen said...

I think the actual show has been out for a lil while. - But as for the comics, I dont think I have seen them. Have you got links?

Arbel Vogel said...

it's great.

Posy said...

ooo! Mojo Jojo scares me O.o

Satine Dot said...

Zomg! Japanimated PPGs!
(of course they have to have fingerless gloves)