Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Charlie and the Copy-Factory.

So I have been working on these hoodies for ages now. Distractions finally pushed aside I am now on a creative streak and am pumping them out like small asian kids stitching up Nikeys.

I am so absolutely excited about the hoodies, Ive been painstaingly zoomed in...airbrushing, aligning, uploading, re-aligning, re-uploading...rinsing and repeating. Its nice to see hardwork finally coming to fruition when your wearing it and have that warm feeling tickling you on the inside. I feel a little guilty that this feeling is being produced without the help of toys or the soft moist sensation of tongues. But *orgasmic spasm* Im enjoying it in any case. And its great timing too as for some new stores Im having to set up. The Block is being built bigger, badder, faster and stronger - much like a giant dirty-bricked 6 million dollar man. Zab and DT carefully crafting this urban mass, raising their hands collectively like the Gods of urban streets only can... they 'throw down that hawt fire shit'. Having been in its glorious gritty presence I am happy to report that it looks fantastic. This coupled with the fact that I got a spot at another new shopping spot 'Unlimited', definately has me in good spirits. *falls victim to another orgasmic spasm*

Today I came online and was greeted by Sinjun. I thought yay! I must throw hoodies at her and watch her force her well-endowed full figure into my tight little cropped offerings. After showing off some of our new inventory fodder I thought it would be cool to get some photos of us in my new hoodies. So after grabbing a quick TP down to the BladeRunner-esque 'Devil Moon' we snapped each other in various poses.

So after sitting on some girders in the park, Sinjun told me of the copybot. She showed me the link to the SL blog and I was just disgusted. It was news I couldnt get at a worse time, serious flashbacks of late nights working on clothing danced in my mind then shattered into a million tiny pieces. The copybot is an object that can copy avatars, attached objects, textures...your very uniqueness. Rather then rattle on about its actual possibilities I'll direct you to the actual blog.
I havent had a business long here in SL, but the actual idea of this copybot is seriously worrying. And from the very fury penned in the comments it looks like Im not the only one. Its really disheartening that the big guys at LindenLabs arnt taking enough of a negative stance on this. I want to feel protected and secure as an artist, as a designer. Robin Linden argues that the copybot dosent actually fall into copyright laws, they discuss briefly on ideas to make it so that your creations can be identified as your property. But if someone can just take my created items for free then wouldnt the value of my creations quickly drop to nothing? I dont think there are alot of people who realise the heartbreaking effect that this can have on us designers. Especially those reverse-engineers out there... I myself have put soooo much effort and time into my created offerings. The idea that someone can take my items, can take my time, can take my effort - for free...well thats just a kick in the fucking teeth.

Jakkal Dingo Says:

“Copying doesn’t always mean theft”.

No of course not. Copying just means you’re taking someone else’s hard work, without paying for it, and doing with it what you please. What’s the point of having “no copy”?

You know LL, artists are some of the most territorial people in existance. You’ve just told them to bend over and get ready for a massive art raping. You’ve pretty much just made it so no one is going to be willing to build anything in SL for fear it might get stolen.

There are ALOT of scary questions and points being put forward, - what will happen to the economy? What about the possible griefer attacks this tool could be used for?
It looks like a scary time is ahead for us...So what will I do you ask? Well after taking a big break earlier, sighing and contemplating I decided I can only continue what I enjoy to do here in SL and hope that things work out for the best. Im going to continue making clothing and accessories and hope that my small business does not get hurt.

Well, until next time my pretty kitties.



Posy said...

Oooh! I got my very own GearShift hoodie last night, and let me tell ya, I think it's the best thing Donovan has made (well, it's MY favorite). Keep up the great work baby!!!

Posy said...

...And I think that copy bot thing is a big can of ugly disgusting worms that could ruin things for everyone. What are they thinking???