Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Magic numbers.

I bumped into a few people the other day as I frolicked the dirty streets of the Block in my school uniform. TeHe! I think I scared Zab a tad, its okay Zabby...its alright to want me. *blows kiss* Was a funny night, testical transformers and headbanging...awesome!

Its alright, embrace the feelings...bask in the sexy. Now breath, there ya go. :D

My bestest friend Noamy seems to be taking a break from SL now. I thought Id write how I feel here rather then leaving a lengthy reply on his blog. When I first started making friends at the block, Noam and Keishii were the first two I REALLY latched on to. Noam was soooo cute, I remember we went skating together once and he gave me a parker. I had the biggest crush on him...But Im happy with how things are right now, Im glad hes part of my secondlife.
I think one of the reasons I get on with Noam so well is that we are into the same things. Our brains seem to be wired the same way, Noam says we share a brain...it reallys does feel like it at times. The last couple of weeks we havent really gotten to hang out as much as Id like. I dont know, but Ive felt like Ive been treading on thin ice with him. Im always afraid Im making him angry, or boring him...or feel hes busy. So I try and give him space...I really dont want to smother him. And now I feel really bad hes going away, But I understand why hes doing it. I know hes been stressed, so I hope this break can put him at ease. SL can really get under your skin sometimes...I guess its time for Noam to detox. I really dont think Noam quite understands how much I adore him, I care about him so much. *clasps air for an empty hug*
Noam if your reading this, I'll be here when you get back...Im missing seeing you already.
-So in closing : Noam, I love you and I want your babies! THERE, I said it! *laugh*

*coughs* Okay... *brushes mushy side off...clears throat and deepens vocal tone* So anyways, Ive been making clothes ALOT! Ive really gotten into my groove now and Im really enjoying making my clothing. Its strange, people are starting to take notice of me. Yesterday I got given a spot at Velvet, a really well designed club. Its funny because I was at the very same club when they gave an offer to Noam a couple of weeks ago. I dont think the owner knew who I was then ^^; I asked if she remembered me from that time. She said, yea... that she found my store a week or so later and went apeshit. Im really wanting to expand my stuff, I know there are alot more urban clothing stores out now. But I would really like GearShift to have its own unique flavour. Ive been experimenting more with colour, Im tired of staying in the safety of all the grey and black. Im doing a few different shades with my new winter wear that I hope people will dig.

Thats Canimal in the photos. Ive been hanging with her alot last couple of days and she is very cool. She shattered alot of what I assumed of her on our first real day of hanging out. Shes very down to earth and approachable and has a wicked sense of humour. :) And shes not american! *hugz his european sistah!* *pinches her oompa lumpas*

Ooo, I also got this jumper done yesterday. Weeee... Im loving the colours. I think I might release a few things today. No point in doing a crazy huge clothing dump on the forums. Im reeeeeeeeeeally wanting to get my new shoes done, its definately next on my list! *Runs off to make more stuff*

Until next time my pretty kitties!



Noam Sprocket said...

Thanks Donovan. :) I'm a little confused about something you wrote. >_>;;

I dunno if I should have written I was confused.

Ugh.. the delete button is such a hassle.

Anyways, I'll see you on the game when I'm ready to come back. Until then it's not like I'm dead. I have a blog and an email address.

Donovan Brennen said...

Yah, I think I confuzzle alot of people. Yea - I dont know how we'd make babies either... 0_o We'd find a way! *laugh* We'd make lil robot children, and bring them to life like Dr Frankenstein! They'd roam the lands causing a rukus and dirty many a walkway with their pawprints!
They'd rob yarn shops and bring home bottles of milk. And when in trouble...they...ummm can combine to make one giant child that can crush people!

See, Ive put alot of thought into it! Lets go make um now. :D

Noam Sprocket said...

Ah no, the babies part made total sense. Of course they'd be robots. Duh!
It was something else, but it's not a big deal.

I still am doing the calculations so that the children can shoot lazers from their whiskers.

Noam Sprocket said...

Ah you deleted the confusing part I think.

Donovan Brennen said...

Yea, it confused Posy too. So I cleaned it up, now everyones safe from being confused.

Im a tard.

*runs off to finish the blueprints for the robot child army*

Satine Dot said...

three things
1- Awww you had a crush on Noam awwwnessss, seriously anyone who meets Noam thinks he's a stud

2-I looooovvveee ur stuff (ur non-renegade stuff rofl)and I'm happy we can be capitalist oppressers together ^.^ Maybe ill cya around more. Thankies for the jumper I'm still wearing it I haven't taken it off yet=)

3- Whooohhhh I didn't Canimal wasn't American :O

Noam Sprocket said...

Satine: You crazy.

Don: i still want to know what you assumed, but I'll let it slide as a typo.